Sunday, December 9, 2007

On the DL

In this case it could mean down low, but it really means disabled list. My hip was messed up Friday morning and I've been stuck in the house ever since I left work early. It's been a pretty quiet weekend so not much to write home about. Cam took my camera to take some pictures of his friend Dan's art exhibit on Saturday.
It's some pretty intricate stuff.
Daniel decided to get his puppet on...oh what's this?
I'm so outta here!
I know that was quite fun. Big trip comin up next weekend so it's gonna be pretty quiet until then so that I'm actually healthy for it. Pretty stoked on it. In the mean time I might put together a fave music selection of the past year but we'll see if that actually happens. To end, I'm just gonna show a record that has been gettin tons of spins from me lately. Do you want to die forever...or do you want to live?

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