Sunday, December 21, 2008

For All The True FANS

100 years late and no time to waste. Sometimes a little roadtrip just happens and you go with people you have never travelled with before and people decide to roll the night of the trip and you leave a bit late but everything works out great. That's the short version of last weekend and now here is the real version. Rolled up to MPLS a little later than planned but in enough time to go buy some amazing cologne at a great price! After that it was time to eat. Rum Rup Thai was the spot and it was new to me. Here are some amazing spring rolls, which is weird for thai places except for lately since it was brought here and Sabai back home makes amazing spring rolls.
Next up is the matsaman and I was told to watch out for the heat at this place. I disregarded that and asked for the hottest they could make it. Apparently they gave me a 4/5 on the heat scale and it was a joke! Regardless of the heat, the food was good so it's worth checkin out if you're in uptown.
Here is Zach, you owe me son.
Chris and the beginning of his life changing weekend.
The early version of Party Dave dippin his golden Thai balls.
After we ate we just chilled at Jeremy and Jawsh's place for a minute until the best TM Jeremy could have ever gotten arrived. The question was then put you guys wanna hit a house party? BOOM, the night had begun. The epic arrival pic. What up Chris?As we rolled up we found out that it was a two level apartment party and everyone in the complex was down. Why don't things like that happen in Winnipeg? The first question.
PARTY DAVE!That does look delicious.
Partying?Zach and little Josh...who I apparently haven't seen in person for 5 years. Blew my mind when I saw him at this party. Things were just getting better and better.
UH OH, the affliction dude showed up...
Andy San Dimas and Zach Trouble!You might be wondering who one of those people is, well I suggest hitting google and then this next picture will make tons of sense.
Oh my, there is Allison our gracious party host and the girl rockin only garland telling us to come party downstairs.
Allison was neck deep in the box and the party mask was in full effect.mmmm, things are lookin good.Box girl and the 204 crew gettin silly.
Jeremy up to his ol shenanigans and some crazy tall crazy haired dude.
Bad news is Party Dave fallin asleep with a lit candle on top of himself.
There is Josh and Chad in the back...someone has the O face on for some odd reason. Brandon, Lindsey and Chad's's a bird's eye view pic.
Jeremy and Erin, how sweet?
What you gettin into there Jeremy?
That's the name, that's where the magic happened.
Thanks America.
The morning after pic...
The next day was quiet with some shopping and lots of crappy weather. We ended up at the homie Vince's crib. It was pretty real up in there. You guys wanna smoke?
If you make it to MPLS go peep his shop and buy some stuff. We hit the mall the next day and got the cutest photo of the trip.
That night we hit up the reason for the trip in the first place. I'll let you guess what it was.
WU TANG FOREVER. Here is GZA killin it and Cappa chillin in the back. Cappa straight killed it that night.
Ghost was so fucked up during the show and was texting on the first samsung camera phone half the time, pretty entertaining. Either way though, anytime he was on the mic it was bonkers.
Masta Killa had the biggest pair of overalls on, no joke.
Wu Tang Clan ain't nothin to fuck with, RZA.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cupcakes, Busy, Friday.

Here is the first stop after work on a relatively busy friday. Marky luckin out and getting some trial cupcakes. Chocobanana butterscotch, no oil in the batter just banana pudding. mmmm
If you live here, be here.
Also, head down to Sk8 on Sunday for a friends and family sale. Stock up for xmas at great prices. Trust. What you don't see is the plethora of little cookies n creme cupcakes that I sold to spread some xmas cheer. It's winter and almost Christmas and what better way to celebrate than with a new creation of cookies n creme cupcake, just the cake, with candy cane buttercream icing and what looks to be Jim in the forest.
Now it's off to MPLS to see Wu Tang and chill the fuck out. Stoked to see all the people coming home for the holidays.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Occupy Your Time

I'm sure everyone spends more than their fair share of time on the internet. I added a few links of friends who are doin the blog thing to my list and there are a few old favorites back at it. Holler at Brent and see what's good with coffee-ana-grit again. Marky and Trevor have recently jumped into the game so go see what's good with them. Then if you want to watch some hilarity go peep Casey's blog and watch every "Casey Talks To Casey" video. Trust. Now go waste time. You can easily find the link to your right, I don't feel like making it toooooo easy for ya. Peace.

In Regards To The Last Post

I was blown away that I actually had the chance to try the vegan coconut french toast from the Underground Cafe. Here it is in all it's glory.
Picture is alright due to lighting in the spot and my supreme tiredness. Reason this is kind of a big deal is that this is only served on fridays from 8-1030. The amount of times I have the chance to hit that up is extremely slim. The stars aligned yesterday and I am so glad that they did. If you get the chance, do it up. $3 plus tax for what you see right here. BOOM

Blown Away

Alright, here's a jam that's pretty dope. I understand it's merely a preview and dudes hangin out in the studio but just trust and spin it. There is a reason Lil' Wayne dropped this dude, better MC.

Courtesy of

Friday, November 28, 2008

Food Within Walking Distance

Where I live it's hard to get a great meal that doesn't involve driving at least 10 minutes or more...or I could just get in the kitchen but we all know that going out is always so good. Other than The Falafel Place, which has a good brunch covered always, there is now Sabai Thai Eatery which is a 10 minute walk from my house. I have a fiend on some good thai food and Sabai brings it. You also can't enjoy a good meal without some great company. Forewarning, my hunger caused the pics to be questionable and the company to not even make it on here. Forgive. Spring rolls are a good start, plus they have taro root in them. mmmm. The red curry soup with tofu kinda got demolished before the camera came out! ha
Next up is a little green curry udon with tofu and mushrooms. So simple, yet so delicious.
You might not be able to tell it from this picture but this is the best eggplant matsaman that I or you will ever have.
There you have it, go check them out since every time I've been there it's been bang on. Now it's time for a nice relaxing weekend.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


One day while walkin around in the exchange I saw a poster that intrigued me. I noticed that Aspirations was playin and I was gonna get a chance to see my boy Stu for the first time in about a year. I was pretty stoked and Living With Lions was also playing so why not hit it up? A little bit of sunday night hardcore. I hadn't really listened to Aspirations so I was excited to see what he had up his sleeve. Stu said he wasn't attractive so it didn't matter that this picture didn't really turn out.
Here is what he had up his sleeve. Him and his laptop. Regardless though, I have been rockin the EP! nonstop and can't get it out of my head. Do yourself a favor and get it.
Living With Lions was one dude short cuz the singer lost his voice so it was a pretty chill set. This picture is just fun. Maybe you agree?
To end, go listen to Aspirations and support a good friend who is doin something pretty original.

Road Trips Are Fun...even if they are way late on the update.

Catch up time begins! A little while back, myself and a couple of my best friends voyaged to MPLS to see Blacklisted, Have Heart and some other band. We did a crazy all night drive to beat a storm. I know, I know, a great idea. Actually, it was since the roads were pretty much perfect 30 mins out of Winnipeg. I guess we made a great choice...other than pulling an all nighter and bein out of it the next day. What would a visit to Babylon be without hittin up Chipotle? It's quick and easy and pretty affordable. Here are those friends that I spent the whole weekend with.
Another USA classic for me is hittin caribou coffee. A little after breakfast/dinner late in the afternoon treat.
Sarde + Art.
After doin this and that in uptown we went to the Triple Rock to get some food and make sure we got a reasonable parking spot. It's nice seeing familiar faces when you go somewhere. In this case it was the Fargo bros...or Farbros if you will.
Something new to me was the vegan mac n cheese with a side of delicious garlic toast. It was alright, but not mind blowing...kinda like the picture in a dark room.
This is what the call a "half order" of a po boy. Do yourself a favor and go with half unless you really wanna step up to the plate. I almost put down two, so yeah, that's what's up.
Well isn't that something? Hardcore friendship anyone?
This is Dan, he was doin merch for Ceremony and got us into the show and hung out with us after and is just an all around good dude. Here he is attacking a po boy with little regard for his health. Thanks for the red bulls and the zine. This is also a good way to leave the Triple Rock.
*show pics to come soon* After the show we went to Pizza Luce in uptown and once again were blessed with some familiar faces. Dustin Holden, MGR, Spoonman and Dave Vanity were all in the house.
A big ol F YOU from Sarde to Nate and Jeremy.
Yeah, Jeremy is down. Thanks for the hangin out and everything bro.
Now, maybe the best way to return to the Triple Rock, the double decker breakfast courtesy of Vegan Eric. I've never seen it happen but he did it like it was no big deal. Pouring syrup on your crotch has got to be amazing...right? This is the hospitality king, house company whatever! Thanks again man.
We hit the mall next and it was ridiculous. Had to park across the street. Next, had to take off my hood while in the mall since I looked like a "bomber". Nothing good doin there. Onto better Evergreen. I love love love this place. Sarde's first visit and her first bite.
3 Cup Tofu...worth the money...true story. It was a new one for me and I'm glad I had it.
Vegan Eric got the pleasure of being fed by two glorious men. Nate and Jawsh made his day for sure.
Here is how we party on Saturday nights at Eric's place. Forgetting Sarah Marshall on the TV and a pint of vegan ice cream in hand.
These are also my new socks. Thanks Sarde. She was thoughtful of the fact that we left on what was to be my laundry night! haha There are also some other sweet things in this pic if you can spot them. The pumpkin spice silk soy milk in the carton, a seasonal delight! The vegan smore in the middle of the table and last but not least is what most of you prolly hit up on...crackberry!
They started it and they will end it. Elevator in the parking garage before going to some ever so cool techno party.
That's one thing out of the way now. Fun trips with fun friends. What's better? Tell me. Done.