Monday, April 21, 2008

Sunday Morning

Sunday morning was a bit of a rude awakening that came too fast...but I guess this might make up for it.
I put some volunteer time in and was home in time to watch most of the game and see the Raptors lose their playoff opener. Hopefully they can turn it around. Onward to tastier ventures. A new take on potato salad, not like your mother's potato salad. This is a roasted potato and corn salad with red peppers and onions topped off with a kiwi lime dressing.
Come help me eat stuff sometime so that I know I'm on the right track with these recipes. Sleep always comes too late. Take care.

Bday Party Round 2

Saturday night. Time to eat good food and watch some fights. Had my second North Star of the year and it was delicious as usual. The woman there was thinking about doesn't get any better. Then went and watched UFC at Puddy's place. On the way there I heard about a certain party that was supposed to best a different bday party from January...Before I get there, I'm just gonna say that GSP is the best in his weight division hands down. Complete domination and a stoppage due to body shots (read: knees to the kidneys). Onto the party...a good way to start.
Moustache bros...look close.
Sarde and Julia having a good time...not eating and leaning against my background!
A recurring theme of the evening...
Happy bday Zach...sorry you were a victim.
Put your motherfucking W's up bitches!
I got word that a couple people like my blog...and that it makes them hungry.
Here's a new creation to think about eating. Chai cupcakes w/ vanilla bean buttercream frosting.
More food in the near future. Good party as well. Hopefully there are more sweet summer bday parties. Done.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

I Did It


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Freedom Costs a Buck Oh Five

So we ventured south of the border to Fargo for a couple things. Food and a sweet show. The food really wasn't anything special...but Taco Bell is always better in the good ol USA! Here is the face of a man enjoying a delicious meal.
This gem, Amber, had no idea about anything. She knew nothing about the products she was selling, nor did she care. Oh yeah, by gem I meant anything but.
This was mos def not for Amber...maybe for nobody at all?
Best part "food" was hitting up a caribou coffee and getting there during happy hour...50% off all beverages. Made my day. Onto the show. First up was locals Any Day who played a great set and were nice enough to let us use their gear so there were no border hassles!
In Defense played next but I was relaxing my delicate ankle so I didn't get any pics. Next up was Blacklisted and they had the best reaction of the night. They played a good set and did not disappoint.
Someone also had sweet facial hair.
A nice little day trip to Fargo...just enough for my liking.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Family Night

It had been almost a year so it was time to venture to the deep south, of Winnipeg, to hit up the new La Fiesta for the first time. It was a little bit more of a drive to get there and the atmosphere was weird compared to the original spot. I felt somewhat relieved when the manager came up to me and told me that the food hadn't changed. It's nice to know you're remembered every now and again. First, the additions to the vegan combo plate #1. Avocado enchilada and a bean pupusa.
Almost the rest of the combo plate...bean burrito, bean enchilada and bean pupusa. Lots of frijoles!
Yeah it's basically 3/4 eaten...mainly because it came out last and I couldn't wait to eat it. The magical corn tamale. I could eat just these and be happy. So on point.
The only real difference I noticed was that our food came out so fast compared to the old spot. If you wanna go make sure you get reservados done up at least two weeks in advance. There was not an open seat in the place while we were there. Since Puddy and Chill were away from their little bundle of joy for an evening, we really did it up. Mercato Gelato was the next stop. Damn the lack of coconut sorbetto! Black currant and lemon were what was really good tonight. Good food with great friends. BOOM.

Social Sightings

Social SandwichThree Some
Cougar Boobs

Week in pics.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Opening Day!

It's been a long wait since the window closed on The North Star Drive-In last year. Calendars were marked and plans were made. Some people don't abide by plans but that's neither here nor there. I was excited to get my first veggie burger of the year.When I went to the window to place my order, the lovely lady remembered what I get, I didn't even have to say anything but "yep, that's it". That's the sign of a great place. True story. After we got there a little line up happened.
This is the kinda magic you see in this part of town.
Upon closer inspection.
Nate and Soupy, the twins, agree that it's a good look.
Well that guaranteed will not be the last visit of the year. If you live here, go show them some love. They do it up right.