Monday, April 21, 2008

Bday Party Round 2

Saturday night. Time to eat good food and watch some fights. Had my second North Star of the year and it was delicious as usual. The woman there was thinking about doesn't get any better. Then went and watched UFC at Puddy's place. On the way there I heard about a certain party that was supposed to best a different bday party from January...Before I get there, I'm just gonna say that GSP is the best in his weight division hands down. Complete domination and a stoppage due to body shots (read: knees to the kidneys). Onto the party...a good way to start.
Moustache bros...look close.
Sarde and Julia having a good time...not eating and leaning against my background!
A recurring theme of the evening...
Happy bday Zach...sorry you were a victim.
Put your motherfucking W's up bitches!
I got word that a couple people like my blog...and that it makes them hungry.
Here's a new creation to think about eating. Chai cupcakes w/ vanilla bean buttercream frosting.
More food in the near future. Good party as well. Hopefully there are more sweet summer bday parties. Done.

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