Wednesday, July 30, 2008


It was time to play around with strawberries and see what kinda magic I could come up with. What happened here was strawberry balsamic grilled tofu done with fresh sage from Chill's herb patch served with dijon roasted baby red potatoes. I had fun taking a few pics outside, so you get more than one picture. Easy. Too bad I didn't knock that extra piece of grillingness off prior to taking the pics. ha
I also found out something interesting last night. The lime glazed lime cupcakes with coconut whipped cream apparently taste like reggae. Interpret that how you will. I fixed up my walls and hung art today. More of that soon enough.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Strawberry Adventure

A glorious Sunday brunch trio was reunited after a lengthy hiatus. This resulted in a pretty spectacular morning. We decided that picking some strawberries would be a perfect way to start the morning. This adventure starts after the picking was done. Darren reaping the bounty of the pick.
Done with you!
Nate is also pretty down with strawberries.
We made a little pit stop by this old ass bridge.
The boys, just before the accident happened...
Darren saw the bus, or was just tired of a life that didn't involve picking strawberries, and decided climb down the bridge.
Could this strawberry be the key to saving a bro?
MMMMMM, yes it could be!
DPG climbed back up and we continued on our epic morning.
After this some dude pulled over on the highway and asked us for smokes. We then continuted to enjoy the delicious berries on the ride back to the city. Here is a little bit of nature for ya.Deer ass! The brunch that followed was just as fantastic. Rhubarb jam, need I say more? Nope. A full day before noon. Good enough for me.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


What is this?
Someone is a little tentative whilst opening their package. I also think you can gather where this is all taking place.
Well here it is, the vegan version of the vegetarian chicken sandwich at KFC. This was a little one day late bday present from Julia to yours truly.
It was actually not bad but you need to put hot sauce and ketchup on it since it is bare bones. The bun version with mayo would be a little better I assume. Another option if you need something quick. That's about as much good as I'm gonna give it. Also, let's be real about it, you have to eat in. Getting take out just takes away from this little gem. There was a dude in there today between 1:30 and 2:00 this afternoon that got a big ol bag of chicken and was rollin through with a six of lucky lagers. You don't see that everywhere. This veggie chicken is an experience really. Get reacquainted.

I also left the camera at home yesterday and missed out on some pretty classic shit. A Wilhelm Scream killed it last night. So amazing. I love their latest record and they didn't disappoint. After the show hanging out, hittin Jim's office, gettin some food at Vi-Ann and then chillin at the toad were all pretty entertaining.

To close, both TIFS and I are officially one year older. Thanks to anyone who hung out or said word or anything. Strawberry picking and brunch tomorrow. BOOM

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Pineapple and ginger glazed grilled tofu on top of pineapple, cinnamon and clove quinoa served with grilled asparagus done with lemon juice, olive oil, salt and freshly ground black pepper.Work in progress, so say word should you want to eat.


The yearly Shipwreck show was upon us yet again. This show was shaping up to be something else based solely upon the venue alone. When I showed up, there was still nothing going on so I set up shop right here. This is the view from where I was selling cupcakes.That's right, it was the street! Here's screweye JD, the Shipwreck handyman and mic wrecker.
Sarde is just doin her thing as usual.
I'm pretty sure that finger is for both Holden and myself.
My boy Dustin from Kelowna, frontman of Horizons, rehydrating. It was hot as a fuck inside the show. I was hot enough just selling cupcakes.
Oh Snap! It's Tracy, my new BBuddy! There is something else here...but I'm not sure what it is.
Double X Dave Vanité getting down on a sugar high!
Ms. Fenn just about to enjoy a little somethin somethin.
BOOM, Brad makes an appearance!
This is what I see at lots of hardcore shows these days...empty cupcake liners. These little guys were fortunate enough to house the vanilla chai latte cupcakes as well as the new hits...vanilla cupcakes with banana pudding filling and butterscotch buttercream frosting.
JULIA loves HARDCORE and is OUTRAGED that she missed out on treats.
The couch mosh was solid gold during Withdrawal's set.
Sometimes when beer gets spilled all over your just have to do what you can to get back what you lost. Dan Don refuses to let any of that beverage go to waste. I'm fairly certain that Matt Kelly and I are both amazed by what just transpired.
All of the bands on the bill played awesome sets and it was just a good time in general. No band pics though, sorry friends. This was the longest day, filled with baking and friends and more baking and then more friends and then a serious lack of sleep before a solo mission home to see the family and hit up a bday BBQ in honor of someone. This is what I came home to, the cat kinda peaced before I could take the pic.
Sleep was nice and it was a relaxing visit. That's it.

Bday + Cupcakes

I was contracted out for Saturday. My work at shows and displaying of said work on here did not go unnoticed! 3 dozen cupcakes were ordered for a bday party. This was basically my extended family since Puddy and I are basically brothers. Here is a TIFS classic with a vanilla chai latte cupcake.
Puddy's sis Jenny and the dude that was with her, apparently I forgot his name, with a chai cupcake and a lime joint w/ coconut whipped cream. The coconut whipped cream is not the biggest fan of a warm/hot summer day.
Silas and the aftermath of the vanilla bean buttercream.
Two pics of dude stuffin his face...once again I forget another person's name. That is the main problem with meeting a bunch of people all at once. Sabrina is also may remember her from my national TV debut or maybe not since she was behind the scenes and helped us get on the show. Either way, I've known her for a while and she has gotten to experience my baking throughout the years.
Here is Mac and his future wife already under the mosquito net!
Now here is the little guy with his mom. Chill has to comfort him from either bein camera shy or regretting the fact that he has a wife and he is not even a year old. Happy 6 month bday whatever whatever Mac!
Here is the reason we all came out! Happy bday Lauren! Thanks again for ordering the cupcakes and the kind words that you and everyone at the little shindig had to say about them. Hope your day was awesome.
That is a round about hint to EVERYONE! Get me to cater your events with deliciousness.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Ante Up!!!

I came across this little gem while checkin out 2dopeboyz, a good blog for hip hop related stuff and new joints droppin. If that's your thing and all. Sometimes they bring it and this just happens to be one of those times.
Apologies for the gangsta sizing of this vid, clearly worth it and it will be movin on down soon enough!

Two Days

So the last couple days have been relatively eventful. The camera stayed put for a while so it will be a textually update for a hot minute. Bake sales were a huge success at The Albert on Wednesday night. Horizons were in town and I had a great time hangin with solid bros. They are also playin the show on Saturday so peep the poster to the right and get the details and show up for some more delicious treats and a good time, which will undoubtedly turn into a complete shitfest! This morning I for some reason volunteered to make brunch for 9 people. It turned out well and was a nice chill morning hang out. Tonight, as you already know, was the opening night of the Lemon Soup art show. This bad boy is running until Tuesday I think so hit the poster up on the right and make your way down. My good friend Ryan has art for sale at complete steals so go make your space look fresh and modern. Here's a little teaser of his magic.
The two part Cristina look alike?My personal fave of his submissions.
It's babyface!
And the rest of his family.
Here is the man himself, so if you go and see him tell him what's up and then give him some of your money.
Look who you run into at an art show. Kenny Omega and his girl, Viz and Sarde!
This wasn't one of Ryan's pieces but I really liked it so I decided I would put it up.
When Sarde and I were rollin up to the art show we were both sooooo hungry and we saw a Falafel Place booth at the Fringe Fest and we knew where we were headed after. The waviest.
A toast to the demolition of hunger...with the man cooking up the goods and takin pride in his work.
Good work it was, or maybe I was just really really hungry or maybe I haven't hit the Pyramid Falafel truck this week yet.
The Dark Knight opens tomorrow or at midnight. Will watch. Stoked.