Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bday + Cupcakes

I was contracted out for Saturday. My work at shows and displaying of said work on here did not go unnoticed! 3 dozen cupcakes were ordered for a bday party. This was basically my extended family since Puddy and I are basically brothers. Here is a TIFS classic with a vanilla chai latte cupcake.
Puddy's sis Jenny and the dude that was with her, apparently I forgot his name, with a chai cupcake and a lime joint w/ coconut whipped cream. The coconut whipped cream is not the biggest fan of a warm/hot summer day.
Silas and the aftermath of the vanilla bean buttercream.
Two pics of dude stuffin his face...once again I forget another person's name. That is the main problem with meeting a bunch of people all at once. Sabrina is also may remember her from my national TV debut or maybe not since she was behind the scenes and helped us get on the show. Either way, I've known her for a while and she has gotten to experience my baking throughout the years.
Here is Mac and his future wife already under the mosquito net!
Now here is the little guy with his mom. Chill has to comfort him from either bein camera shy or regretting the fact that he has a wife and he is not even a year old. Happy 6 month bday whatever whatever Mac!
Here is the reason we all came out! Happy bday Lauren! Thanks again for ordering the cupcakes and the kind words that you and everyone at the little shindig had to say about them. Hope your day was awesome.
That is a round about hint to EVERYONE! Get me to cater your events with deliciousness.

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