Sunday, July 27, 2008

Strawberry Adventure

A glorious Sunday brunch trio was reunited after a lengthy hiatus. This resulted in a pretty spectacular morning. We decided that picking some strawberries would be a perfect way to start the morning. This adventure starts after the picking was done. Darren reaping the bounty of the pick.
Done with you!
Nate is also pretty down with strawberries.
We made a little pit stop by this old ass bridge.
The boys, just before the accident happened...
Darren saw the bus, or was just tired of a life that didn't involve picking strawberries, and decided climb down the bridge.
Could this strawberry be the key to saving a bro?
MMMMMM, yes it could be!
DPG climbed back up and we continued on our epic morning.
After this some dude pulled over on the highway and asked us for smokes. We then continuted to enjoy the delicious berries on the ride back to the city. Here is a little bit of nature for ya.Deer ass! The brunch that followed was just as fantastic. Rhubarb jam, need I say more? Nope. A full day before noon. Good enough for me.

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