Friday, July 18, 2008

Two Days

So the last couple days have been relatively eventful. The camera stayed put for a while so it will be a textually update for a hot minute. Bake sales were a huge success at The Albert on Wednesday night. Horizons were in town and I had a great time hangin with solid bros. They are also playin the show on Saturday so peep the poster to the right and get the details and show up for some more delicious treats and a good time, which will undoubtedly turn into a complete shitfest! This morning I for some reason volunteered to make brunch for 9 people. It turned out well and was a nice chill morning hang out. Tonight, as you already know, was the opening night of the Lemon Soup art show. This bad boy is running until Tuesday I think so hit the poster up on the right and make your way down. My good friend Ryan has art for sale at complete steals so go make your space look fresh and modern. Here's a little teaser of his magic.
The two part Cristina look alike?My personal fave of his submissions.
It's babyface!
And the rest of his family.
Here is the man himself, so if you go and see him tell him what's up and then give him some of your money.
Look who you run into at an art show. Kenny Omega and his girl, Viz and Sarde!
This wasn't one of Ryan's pieces but I really liked it so I decided I would put it up.
When Sarde and I were rollin up to the art show we were both sooooo hungry and we saw a Falafel Place booth at the Fringe Fest and we knew where we were headed after. The waviest.
A toast to the demolition of hunger...with the man cooking up the goods and takin pride in his work.
Good work it was, or maybe I was just really really hungry or maybe I haven't hit the Pyramid Falafel truck this week yet.
The Dark Knight opens tomorrow or at midnight. Will watch. Stoked.

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