Tuesday, July 15, 2008

One Truth

If I didn't get to go pick strawberries in any given year, it wouldn't really feel complete. Why not share this magic with some good friends? I went out with Puddy and family for a Sunday morning strawberry extravaganza. You gotta test out the merchandise to make sure its up to our high standards...it's back!
Here is what we were after. These guys taste about 1000 times better than the shit you buy in the grocery store.
I personally thought you had to be a little older before you ate strawberries in the field but Mac proved me sooooo wrong. Little dude loves strawberries. He ate numerous ones in the field and was so bummed when he wasn't eating them.
Here he is with the bounty that was picked on this day. There are so many treats that depend on this haul right here.
LEE!!! This dude hooked it up with some young potatoes and farm onions. A man in his natural habitat. His family hooked it up big time and his mom rules. I love going to their strawberry farm since I feel like family. Hit them up before the season is done!
A hard day of berry picking deserves a delicious lunch. Toasted whole wheat soy bread w/ roast wheat, roasted red peppers, crisp lettuce and vegenaise. Amazing. Don't ever forget about the strawberry milkshakes we made. Mindblowing. I'm pretty sure everyone likes chips as well.
Strawberry season is still alive so I know I'll be hitting it again and then raspberry season and corn will be in season soon. Amazing stuff.

In closing, look to the right for some show posters and click on them and support the touring bands and my friends art show!

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