Friday, October 31, 2008

Long Time Comin, VeganMoFo

Well sometimes your computer is under the weather and it takes however long to get it fixed, sometimes even longer when it's basically free. That is the main/only reason it's been so quiet around here. This is the first post done from a laptop and at the moment I'm not that into it. Just know that this will be a short update and more will be coming soon enough from a bunch of other things I have been up to. For right now, be sad that the North Star Drive In is closed for the season...
I def got my last night in town on. They were waiting for us and this is what it looks like when 6 veggie burgers are being made for a little pre fight meal.
They had a draw for the exact shirt that you just saw in that picture. Oddly enough I got a call on the Monday following this particular saturday night and I won a shirt, as did Nate. It was basically the perfect outcome. Also, not pictured here is the homemade vegan curry mayo treatment that these burgs got. Let's just say that they will be missed all winter long. Now onto the finale of the night of delicious food. Before that though, it's not pictured but I made this cheezy bean dip. It was my first soiree into the bean dip world and it turned out amazing so expect to see something on that in the near future, hopefully. Onto what actually got camera captured. This is what we will call a pina colada dream dessert. It's some coconut whipped cream, but made diff than I would for cupcakes so that it's stiffer with fresh pineapple folded in and coconut graham crust crumbled in the bottom and sprinkled on top.
I'm gonna get off here since it's late and I have the season 3 premier of 30 Rock to watch on tape, thanks Rachel. Check Sarde's blog in the near near future for a pic of Rachel's darling son. Also, since it's been a while why not mention some things I have been listening to? Here we go...I am still completely stoked on the new Blacklisted record and am excited to see them again in exactly one week at the Triple Rock as well as the accompanying road trip with some serious bros, expect some blog love. Also, for some reason I have been completely taken by a few songs off the new Norma Jean record. I couldn't tell you why, but I am. Lastly, in the running for my top record of the year is the new jam by The Foreign Exchange. I could listen to this record every day and not get tired of it. Well that'll be about it. Hopefully it was worth the wait for this little post. Soon enough I'll be back at it and hopefully numerous posts weekly abound. Hope everyone who reads this has been well.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Thanksgiving Delights, VeganMoFo

A little earlier than our neighbors to the south, but never too early for deliciousness, Thanksgiving was upon us today. After a great brunch with a friends, an evening meal of epic proportions was in order. First off, all the shine goes to this dish. Anyone who tries them loves them. Beet leaf holopchi in a dill cream sauce.
Don't knock em until you have at them at least once. I will say my "I'm sorry" for this blurry ass picture in advance. I will give you the rundown of the meal though. Started off with a little "chicken" and wild rice soup (not pictured). What's on the plate now. Clockwise starting with garlic lover's green beans, chickpea cutlets and mushroom gravy (v'con), homemade tofurky, wild rice stuffing, roasted sweet potatoes, beet leaf holopchi and mashed potatoes with fried leeks. That was followed up by a little pumpkin pie with coconut whipped cream
and apple plum crisp with vanilla soy ice cream.
You're gonna have to forgive me for presenting the desserts on "dirty" plates. There wasn't exactly a ton of plates where the meal happened and I thought I would just go for it dad style. You know what I mean, guaranteed your old man would just plop the dessert right onto his plate regardless of if there was gravies or anything on there. Fun fact right there. If I told you I wasn't stuffed from the meal and had trouble making it home I wouldn't be lying. A big thanks to all the contributors to the meal. I need some sleep so I can attempt to make other tasty treats. Goodnight. Caught up official.


Let's start this off by sayin that when a new superbro comes to town, sharing a meal is the only real way to do things right. A Monday morning brunch plan was set in motion over a week ago and came to fruition quite nicely today. It all started off with Ben bringin me the hat he picked up for me in TO. That isn't necessary knowledge, but I love fitteds so what can I say? We got to The Falafel place and as per usual at brunch o'clock it was super busy. We got a table that was squeezed between two other tables that it felt like we were part of their meals! When a booth cleared out beside us, that we were about to take over, the woman beside us queried Ben on his glasses. Keep in mind that the lady was about 70. She asked Ben where he got his glasses. He told her that he got them at Lens Crafters and then offered them to her for a closer look and as he did this he said "they're Ray Bans". She then promptly responds "OH SHIT!!!" and goes in for a closer look. The title of this post now makes so much more sense delivered a few haha's and LOLz. Here is Ben enjoying a Canadian Falafel.
Nate's Cornucopia of brunch delights.
A short visit, but pleasant nonetheless. Hopefully another happens soon! Safe travels back to TO Ben.

Comeback Kid DVD Premier

On Monday October 6th The Avenue hosted a private screening of the new Comeback Kid DVD "Through The Noise". The select few in attendance got a chance to see the film that was unlike any other band DVD I have ever seen. Instead of me talking about it, click the links and see it for yourself and then pick it up when it comes out and support some of my great friends. Here are some pictures from after the viewing. There is the DVD right there, you know what it looks like when you hit the store tomorrow.
Here is the man himself, congrats on a job well done Jim.
Jacqui loves to pose. I think this is as close to a Grace Like Winter reunion anyone is getting. ha.
Smallman and The Avenue, pardon the smudge.
Onto what the party really was, fun. Here is some.
Maybe a little more?
How bout the most?
Well...I thought it was the most.
You like playing cranium? Not against the Dream Team you don't.
All in all a great night. We'll let Rayter have the closing comments on this one.

How Bout Some Hardcore?

Last Saturday, well the Saturday before the one that just passed brought a few out of town bands in as well as a send off for a Winnipeg mainstay. Lots of the out of towners were good friends. The show was also at the spot. All things considered, it was a recipe for a good evening. Don't forget that there were some cupcakes for sale, maybe even the ones from a few posts ago but they didn't last long so no blog love for them right here. I missed taking pics of the first few bands, but there was some not badness transpiring. I brought the camera out early as Ill Intent were impressing me. This girl was obviously stoked...stoked enough for an awkward smile.
For some reason I forgot to buy a demo or whatever. I guess me bein sick played a role in that. Now onto Horizons. So many good friends in this band plus I'm hooked on the demo. Kids were pretty stoked on them and I'm glad. They were also dope live. The one and only Sexy Matt Kelly.
Cole, unreal bro, getting tie fighted.
Candid Ting.
Hardcore singalong pics are always great. Looks like so much pain and suffering.
"What the fuck bro?" "Oh it'll be alright as I gently massage your chest."
Once again, good work by Horizons.
Serious bros.
Almost as serious bros.
Withdrawal, couch mosh. Always.
Couch cushion sing along.
Drums = Smiles
Night night folks. Oh yeah, this was also a shortened set due to the evil blowing a breaker and Gord breaking his ankle!
The time had then come to say goodnight one last time to On Our Side. Every time they played it was always a sight to behold because everything got ridiculous. Tonight was no different. Nate with a few opening words.
Jared rockin guest spot number 2 on the mic.
It was certainly an event, as you can tell by the streamers.
I was tired and didn't get the best pics of On Our Side, it also could have been me attempting self preservation and staying out of harm's way. I know that isn't really punk, but I'm not into getting injured these days or any day really. ha. More coming.

Friday, October 10, 2008

OMGz its da Cancer Batz!!!

Alright alright alright, I know this is late but forgive me. Being sick does not make you want to be near a computer, not to mention computer problems in general. However, this will be the first part of my attempt to catch my blog life up to my real life. Just over a week ago the Cancer Bats played a couple shows here. The first night Port Amoral opened for them and even though I was late I was still able to capture Soupy shredding it.
After that, The Cancer Bats played and actually impressed me. I am also new to the taking pictures of bands thing so here are a few shots from the first show at The Albert which was 18+. Enjoy.
Awww, it's Jim and Trevor.
Now Jim and crazy neck dude?
Now bummmmmmmed out girl and crazy neck dude.
Tara def stole the words out of her mouth and put them in her finger.
It's Sarde and Mike! Not very often that friends who left come back so you gotta make the most of the time. This was the first of two nights in which that happened.
This is something that you can't have.
On to night #2. This time in a theater that has been transformed into a place for still plays some movies or video premiers or whatever. It's Nate!
The dude from 300 did a guest set for the Cancer Bats, nobody even noticed.
A good way to end a stay in Winnipeg.
Lots of fun happened after the show but it was a leave the camera at home kinda night post show. I still have like 3 more events on my camera as we speak but the glorious Thanksgiving weekend is upon me and I stay internet free for holidays when I go to visit my parents. Expect an onslaught of posts next week. I have some serious catching up to do.