Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How Bout Some Hardcore?

Last Saturday, well the Saturday before the one that just passed brought a few out of town bands in as well as a send off for a Winnipeg mainstay. Lots of the out of towners were good friends. The show was also at the spot. All things considered, it was a recipe for a good evening. Don't forget that there were some cupcakes for sale, maybe even the ones from a few posts ago but they didn't last long so no blog love for them right here. I missed taking pics of the first few bands, but there was some not badness transpiring. I brought the camera out early as Ill Intent were impressing me. This girl was obviously stoked...stoked enough for an awkward smile.
For some reason I forgot to buy a demo or whatever. I guess me bein sick played a role in that. Now onto Horizons. So many good friends in this band plus I'm hooked on the demo. Kids were pretty stoked on them and I'm glad. They were also dope live. The one and only Sexy Matt Kelly.
Cole, unreal bro, getting tie fighted.
Candid Ting.
Hardcore singalong pics are always great. Looks like so much pain and suffering.
"What the fuck bro?" "Oh it'll be alright as I gently massage your chest."
Once again, good work by Horizons.
Serious bros.
Almost as serious bros.
Withdrawal, couch mosh. Always.
Couch cushion sing along.
Drums = Smiles
Night night folks. Oh yeah, this was also a shortened set due to the evil blowing a breaker and Gord breaking his ankle!
The time had then come to say goodnight one last time to On Our Side. Every time they played it was always a sight to behold because everything got ridiculous. Tonight was no different. Nate with a few opening words.
Jared rockin guest spot number 2 on the mic.
It was certainly an event, as you can tell by the streamers.
I was tired and didn't get the best pics of On Our Side, it also could have been me attempting self preservation and staying out of harm's way. I know that isn't really punk, but I'm not into getting injured these days or any day really. ha. More coming.

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