Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Thanksgiving Delights, VeganMoFo

A little earlier than our neighbors to the south, but never too early for deliciousness, Thanksgiving was upon us today. After a great brunch with a friends, an evening meal of epic proportions was in order. First off, all the shine goes to this dish. Anyone who tries them loves them. Beet leaf holopchi in a dill cream sauce.
Don't knock em until you have at them at least once. I will say my "I'm sorry" for this blurry ass picture in advance. I will give you the rundown of the meal though. Started off with a little "chicken" and wild rice soup (not pictured). What's on the plate now. Clockwise starting with garlic lover's green beans, chickpea cutlets and mushroom gravy (v'con), homemade tofurky, wild rice stuffing, roasted sweet potatoes, beet leaf holopchi and mashed potatoes with fried leeks. That was followed up by a little pumpkin pie with coconut whipped cream
and apple plum crisp with vanilla soy ice cream.
You're gonna have to forgive me for presenting the desserts on "dirty" plates. There wasn't exactly a ton of plates where the meal happened and I thought I would just go for it dad style. You know what I mean, guaranteed your old man would just plop the dessert right onto his plate regardless of if there was gravies or anything on there. Fun fact right there. If I told you I wasn't stuffed from the meal and had trouble making it home I wouldn't be lying. A big thanks to all the contributors to the meal. I need some sleep so I can attempt to make other tasty treats. Goodnight. Caught up official.


Jeni Treehugger said...

That Pumpkin Pie is da bomb!!!

Bethany said...

I gotta know more about the holopchi. looks intriguing.