Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Before my good friends left for Regina/home...we decided that a Saturday morning brunch at The Falafel Place was in order. This will most likely be the last time I'm at the old location since the new place is openin up in a week or so. A good way to send it off. Party Dave and Tommy...might look familiar from last night.JUICY JUICE!!! Crusty is goin to school now kids!
I was fortunate enough to get someone to order the mickey mouse pancake. Party Dave stepped up to the plate and was not let down. Chocolate chips, hell yeah!
Vegan Heaven Breakfast, it certainly was. Falafel, hummus, hashbrowns with sweet potatoes and green peppers and onions and garlic and banana peppers. Lots of ands, but so worth it. The only thing not pictured is the homemade jam that adorned that rye toast. Ami brought us out 4 diff flavors. It was pretty glorious.
This marks the end of the big week for Sarde, hope you enjoyed it.
That's for everyone else. I'm tired.

Let's Die While We're Young

Time for a late night arrival to the continuation of Sarde's bday festivities. This included her DJ'n a punk set(which I missed) and the Ex-Girlfriends playing(which I caught some of) and then some dude DJ'n post that. Upon my arrival this is what I saw.
I'm not sure if that is good or bad when two of your friends are leaving when you get there. Regardless, I went in to find Julia doin her new pose for my camera.
A few young ladies, lifting hair and looking at boobs. Close your eyes and pretend that it will all go away sooner than later!
Tommy is still here and the newly named Party Dave is in full effect.
A couple of dudes.
Sometimes shit gets so real that you just have to hang a dude.
Ty/Chai/Bi Guy was in top form.
Sleeveless windbreakers are the new it. Get into it.
When Allie is on the train...you have no choice but to hop on for a ride. You never know where you'll end up.
There is the bday girl partying with Mr. Holden. What's Good Bitches?
Sarde realized that the sleeveless windbreaker is the only way to go so she gravitated towards it...what's that in the...
This could very well be a perfect picture. It has everything you could want in it.
Soon after this I took off and heard about a little jumping that happened and was rectified. Too many cops around for my liking so home it was. Goodnight.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Someone's Special Day

It was time for a little trip to Delicious Vegetarian since there were reservations made. It would have been appropriate to have booked the whole place as opposed to a mere 25...but that's not the point. My new jam there, spicy peanut noodle soup with deep fried tofu and some ladies looking impressed in the background.
There is Nate eating some soup, actually eating it. It's hot and sour soup...which is easily tied for best soup there. Who is in that small window made by his face and arm?
Friends from afar! Juicy Juice and Tommy came all the way from Regina for this occasion! Always a pleasure to see these dudes. They asked me to order for them...and there was 6 thumbs of approval. Nate assisted on this, but we made sure they dined on nothing but the best.
Dessert for all! Iced bananas. Had to be quick to get this shot...stuff was gone like whoa.
The very first recipient of delicious food courtesy of TIFS! Lucky dude.
Here is the reason all of this food and friendship were shared...HAPPY BDAY SARDE!!!
It's just art.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I just finished watching season 6 of Curb Your Enthusiasm and I have to say it ended perfectly. Could very well be the best season of them all. Do yourself a favor and watch that series front to back.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Quick And Delicious

It's been a while since I've had the chance to cook anything much and that's gets pretty old pretty quick. I know there are some people that haven't had their fill of delicious food pics as of late and I'm gonna do what I can to fix that. This is just something quick that I made for dinner today. Cumin lime "chicken" breast on top of quinoa cooked with lime juice, agave nectar and soy sauce along with some corn.
Hope it looks/sounds as good as it tasted.

A BBQ at least

My May long was a little quieter than expected...but at least I got to have a little BBQ action in there. Always a treat in my world. All pics taken by Cam on this day. Back in the saddle as the grillmaster!Before anything to grilled...here's the menu for today. Veggie dogs,
Veggie burgers and veggie chick'n burgs.
It was only for three people so it wasn't grill after grill of food. Still a nice way to put a Sunday evening to a close. We were all a little too hungry to even dream of capturing the final product before it disappeared. Sorry friends, I'm sure there will be more than one of these bad boys this summer so stay tuned. There were also ketchup chips at this BBQ and who doesn't like those?
This is fun, right?
Sorry Scott. Peace


These are two things I can fully back. I have taken to drinking the latter more often than not. The former was viewed this evening and it was good. I'm glad I watched it. It's been a little quiet around here since I got fairly sick and was keepin it pretty chill. Better stuff on the horizon. Enjoy what's left of the long weekend.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

So Real

Good day for it as well.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


If you've tried it, you already know. This is prolly the most amazing stuff on the planet. It's been a long time coming and I couldn't pass up the opportunity.
You also see a little chocolate tofulatti alongside the coconut. I am pretty certain that the combo would be pretty next level. With The Bo not being open in TO and the coconut never appearing in the sorbetto rotation...today marks my return into this beautiful world. Hurry to mercato gelato cafe since there is quite a bit left, then thank me later. Also, first post of a BlackBerry pic. Three levels of photography now officially covered.

I Wish I Could Think Of Something Cool For This Space Right Now

Well a little injury kept the last couple updates on the shelf a little longer than planned since sitting wasn't exactly what I wanted to be doing. It was quite the weekend of laying around hoping to heal. Now that I'm basically better, it was time to go out. Luckily there was a show tonight! What better way to start that off then getting a good meal with a good bro? India palace buffet is always a good look and a certain bromance starting to get their post on.
Rice, then samosas, then chickpea curry, then tamarind. That's success right there.
A rare sighting.
Still Fighting was the first band I saw this evening...when Dave's around it can't be bad. That's the truth...is that Nate in the background yet again?
Next up was Withdrawal and Adam was invoking the demon...much like Eli Porter...but not nearly as awesome as Eli Porter.
Joel then decided to play in the pit of fire...riffs was sizzlin!
Next up from Vancouver was Slingshot and Nate was crazy surprised! Oddly enough I asked them to play my favorite and they did. I had never heard it before...but the song was really good. It was called get real off their upcoming 7". Is it possible to get real if you're always real? Answer that!
Closing out the evening was Set Foot and this picture sums up their evil aura! They played a good set, but might have committed a party foul by covering two songs in one set. However...one of those songs was Vocal Test...sometimes you gotta overlook and cut a few kids a break. They are a long way from home.
It was at this time that my camera died. No more pics for tonight. Other than a lack of vanilla coke it was a solid night filled with hilarity. Done.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Say Hello

To druggie cat!
More adventures to come?

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Destination Death Or Better Days

Modern Life Is War was doing their final tour and it was decided that a road trip was in order. I remember seeing them in Winnipeg back when they just released their demo 7" and it seemed like a good idea to send them off. Always a great live band. Time to venture into Babylon yet again. This is a beautiful site.
This, not so much.
The roads were terrible and we missed all of Holding On and a few tracks from MLIW in MPLS...SHUT YOUR MOUTH!
When the show was done it was time to get the fuck up outta dodge and grab some food from Luce. Just so you know, Will loves pizza and is a serious bro.
There's Billy behind the big ol vegan rustler! Another serious bro. This trip was pretty amazing for meeting new people and it was just getting started. Not pictured is Vegan Eric who also took part in this delicious pizza and gave us a place to stay for a couple nights, always appreciated.
It might be a little hard to see due to the pick being set by some random dude...but there is two young gentlemen going into the washroom together (this happened after a small discussion between the two just outside the door)
A message from Kt.
Delivered via expressmail.
It was officially time to leave Luce after that and get back to Eric's for some post blizzard driving/show/eats sleep.
The next day began right back at the Triple Rock for breakfast.
By chance we ran into Scott, Billy, Will and Kt. Coincidences are nice. A morning onion read by Jars.
Hardbro morning pic. Will and Nate reunited.
A different version of the hardbro morning pic. Long distance drive bros.
Best friends, Dani and Kt, together at last!
I wish I knew what to say in regards to this, washroom stickers are always good for a LOLz.
This is the kind of magic you find in the land of excess. That red bull is a double shot...so if you can't tell that Monster can is approx 1 liter. It truly was heavy metal or maybe even heavy mental.
After a good breakfast it was onwards to Iowa...a place that everyone loves, right? Well the drive was pretty uneventful but some pretty dope jams were played and oddly enough Slipknot came on just as we crossed the state line. You never really know what to expect when you go to Marshalltown, it was my first time. When we turned off the highway one direction had a "pavement ends" sign and the other direction also had no sign of life. We kept on and found the Moose Lodge that show was happening at. I never thought I would see the real deal allover print show up at the show...streetwear eat your heart out. Pepsi had that shit on lock ages ago, since we both know that piece was not made in the last 10 years...maybe even 20.
Slipknot is alive and well in Iowa.
It was time for friends I hadn't seen in a long time to start showing up! Nate is in Jeff's shadow today!
Tyler, the ladie's man.
Bert, just playin it cool.
Dennis, always classic. Anybody smoke weed here?
Fuck all your vans slip ons. Farbro keepin it real.
During the Luce post show meal in MPLS, we were lucky enough to hear an email that Billy got regarding an angry parent in regards to his band...Silverstein. They played in Calgary and showed peta videos that were apparently graphic and the singer wears girls jeans. They were accused of converting her child into a *gasp* vegetarian and he started wearing girl jeans to be like the singer. It was a pretty amazing email to say the very least. Oddly enough...we found some "converts" waiting in line at the last MLIW show. Billy...will your unholy crusade ever end?
The punk patches can't hide what's really goin on here man.
After waiting for approx 2 hours...our tix finally arrived thanks to always "reliable" Angel. We were finally inside. Who better to run into than Jason? Exactly. Ask him about a certain contest that happened in the Triple Rock parking lot...
Some people have crazy demands...
And some people don't listen to them.
It's gonna be a sad time when we all have to part ways. Will bestowed many LOLz and Billy brought it by giving me delicious treats not once, but TWICE! Will miss both of you dudes.
Time for some action. Actually got to see Holding On play this show. My pics turned out terrible but I thought I would at least show the dudes a little love.
Not now chief, I'm in the fuckin zone.
This is the aftermath of about 1/4 of the first MLIW song.
Lots of people jumped in and took care of the broken stage.
You can't stop Billy, he's gettin it done.
After a little delay and the move onto a tiny stage and a little security courtesy of courage crew...the show went on.
This is the kinda thing that makes me realize why I still love hardcore and am willing to jump in a car and drive hours and hours just to have some fun. There is nothing else I have found that makes me feel this way. The people, the vibe, everything just seems so right. It's always a shame to see it come to an end and go back to the grind of "real life". The people that I spent this night with made it what it was and it won't soon be forgotten. I'm glad everyone got back to where they had to go safely. Word to Karl, you didn't get a pic but it was great to see you two nights in a row. The drive back to MPLS was nothing but being tired and wanting to sleep. It finally happened. A quick sleep and then a nice little breakfast, once again at the Trock. They stepped the french toast game up, fully backed.
Not pictured, home fries w/ vegan nacho cheese sauce. I could eat those for every meal. Joe has a plan to be an overweight male stripper. It's pretty elaborate, ask him about it when you see him next. Toilet's plugged and cigarettes smoked. The pose is undeniable.
A nice way to spend a weekend. Good people met and and old friends seen. Get out there and live while you still can. Get outta the shade.