Thursday, September 27, 2007

The King Back

True story.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Just Another Tuesday Night

Well this Tuesday basically started off AMAZING. I found out that my ankle is kinda permascrewed and I'm on anti-inflammatories for a month, which was a nice 60 dollar touch. I gotta treat every second day as well, it never ends. Then my engine light went on en route to the hospital. That problem was fixed quite a bit easier than the other problem mentioned. No big deal. Onto the evening to make up for the crap of earlier. I haven't been able to play since I messed my hip up in June so I was pretty stoked to get to play a show with good friends in Daggermouth and Born For Battle at the Albert. Only so many more shows at that gem, so we gotta take advantage of all of them. I'm gonna let the pics speak for themselves mainly today. First, the bros. Maybe the hardest out.
New hippy style.Runner up for the hardest out?
Little guy's first trip to the Ablert. The soon to be BBQ machine and the new rocker.
Punk, nuff said.
What up Izzy? Yeah, close enough on the spelling.
Just a couple long hair bros.
Sometimes girls want you to have pictures of them and it's easily understandable as to why. Yeah you feel me.
Other times, you have no idea why they want you to have certain pics of them.
Born For Bros.
Daggerbros. They ripped it tonight.
It just wouldn't be the Albert without some random here it is.
It was an awesome night to see sweet peeps that I don't get to see all the time. Hopefully we'll cross paths soon enough. Maybe there will even be some pics of The ALX that I can steal from others and put on here, keep your fingers crossed. Tomorrow night maybe get to see Attack In Black. The record they just put out is owning it lately. Listen to it if you haven't already, srsly. Until next time.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Last Weekend of Summer.

Well the last weekend of summer has shown up and some fun stuff decided to happen. I started off by gettin off work early, always a good look. Went and helped Nathan put some posters up for the show on Tuesday(see the top of this page). Then we headed over to the Ramada to see Too Pure To Die etc. I got hooked up on getting in and handed out posters. Weird being at a show where I knew next to nobody. Didn't take any pictures of Trustkill's newest darlings, but that's just how it goes. It was good to see Jordan and the boys again. It was also nice to see some girls modelling the way I stand. I don't go unnoticed.

Met this character at the show. Chris is a funny dude, but apparently doesn't like anything that is good. Kinda unfortunate.
One Sip Steve here killed the water that Chris gave him, in you guessed it!!! He then struck a pose.
What better way to end a night than having a *blank* pull up and yell at *blank*? *Picture removed out of courtesy. Don't ask, don't tell.

TPTD stayed over and I got not much sleep at all. Saturday was a relatively uneventful day. Unless you count getting some groceries and watching college football exciting. The evening started off pretty dope though. Went to Deen's with Nate and DPG. I had a single double and it was delicous. LOLz were shared and such. Later that evening went to Spring Roll with a bunch of dudes and that was a pretty serious meal. Prank calls on speaker from the table and the new president of nicaragua in our midst. Amazing. We then headed to Osborne to see what's shakin since it was Jesse's big 18th bday. We ran into some people. My daughter and the inhabitor of your local dumpster.

"Now you stand and I'll sit" is what was said just prior to this picture.
You may notice a certain gentleman in this picture, Wheels, who has two casts. When asked how that happened he said he jumped off a three storey building. Makes perfect sense to me. He had to be straight by 1am though, you like girls don't you Wheels? Ran into a little mobile art sale. Jars then tried to get his hands on some of this art.
Sometimes when you chill out and ask for money all night you gotta get rid of what you don't need. What better place than in front of LPH?
There was a pretty good sale on saturday night on osborne...too bad you missed it huh?
I missed seeing the UFC Saturday, but it was pretty irrelevant to me and watching a tape of it and saving money is more up my alley. I also missed an apparently "sweet" Port Amoral show the same night. I guess I made the right decision. Sunday was a pretty chill day of football watching. I found out that I'm a terrible fantasy football coach and not so good at winning on pro-line. There is always next week for both of those things though. To end this jam, I just wanna thank all the friends I hung out with this weekend for helping me not be so bummed out since that shit sucks. Now we all just gotta wait another week for the next episode of Prison Break.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Two Weekends One Blog

Things have been a little slow around here, or should I say that I have been really busy and nothing worth making note of happened. This will be the two weekend wrap up. Last weekend I was lucky enough to attend a BBQ at the house that Tyson and Tracy were housesitting. It consisted of delicious food and a nice chill out. That was followed by an alright fight night. The next morning had a nice brunch sesh at the usual spot. Winning on pro-line was a nice way to end the weekend though. Get into that. The only pic of all these goings on is of Sarde and Ruben. Enjoy it. The next weekend started off by leaving for MPLS right after work. When you're in a hurry you stop for quick food. Energy drinks and Papa John's, never a bad idea. Some questionable hilarity happened while waiting for the pizza...but that is neither here nor there nor will it be discussed here. ha.Sometimes you gotta work the shit over prior to throwin it out. srsly.A long ass day was followed up by a much needed sleep and then a trip to the Triple Rock for breakfast. A familiar face happened to be there. The unidread made a brief appearance. Onto the food...homefries w/ vegan nacho cheese.What lies inside these gems? Pigs in a blanket of course! The Trock comes through as usual. Never a bad idea if you visit the twin cities and need some deliciousness. The afternoon involved going to the mall with nothing at all to speak of. Food before the show was in order. On to Evergreen for more delectable treats. Sesame chicken, pepperfried mock pork, and sweet n sour chicken. A mini vegan feast!A little glance at the full meal deal.
Yeah, turn away after the food fight that made us look like misbehaved children! Diet coke cans got chopsticked and sauced as well as certain persons arms...mine.
Now for the main reason for the trip...going to see Katatonia. The show was at the worst venue and they didn't play well. They played well enough for a dual decision to never travel to see them again. At least I got to meet a sweet new person who just happens to be giving you the finger. What's up Dean?
Eric decided to get his rock on just before we peaced out. He did a pretty good job of that shit. He also did a pretty nice job of putting us up and hooking us up with the usual deal on builder bars. Always appreciated.
Trying to make up for a few hours lost at that show, we ventured to the bowling alley. Puddy busted out some sweet form.
Rachel sipped on some diet coke.
Apparently diet coke is the fuel of champions (when you're bowling to get out of the basement). My alter ego took home the gold on this night.
Last day in MPLS starts off with breakfast at the Seward Cafe.
No wonder this dude has a shit eating grin on his face, he's making the sickest playlist of all time!
A mish mash of all kinds of vegan stuff turned out to be pretty tasty.
This is the kinda shit that ruins a perfectly good and relaxing breakfast.
We hollered at Jamba Juice after this and I just needed to say that it was pretty amazing. Maybe an american and tastier version of Booster Juice? Telling you about buying USA exclusive veggie treats and such would be kinda boring so we'll end it here with two very special goodbyes.
The king will return me.