Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Two Weekends One Blog

Things have been a little slow around here, or should I say that I have been really busy and nothing worth making note of happened. This will be the two weekend wrap up. Last weekend I was lucky enough to attend a BBQ at the house that Tyson and Tracy were housesitting. It consisted of delicious food and a nice chill out. That was followed by an alright fight night. The next morning had a nice brunch sesh at the usual spot. Winning on pro-line was a nice way to end the weekend though. Get into that. The only pic of all these goings on is of Sarde and Ruben. Enjoy it. The next weekend started off by leaving for MPLS right after work. When you're in a hurry you stop for quick food. Energy drinks and Papa John's, never a bad idea. Some questionable hilarity happened while waiting for the pizza...but that is neither here nor there nor will it be discussed here. ha.Sometimes you gotta work the shit over prior to throwin it out. srsly.A long ass day was followed up by a much needed sleep and then a trip to the Triple Rock for breakfast. A familiar face happened to be there. The unidread made a brief appearance. Onto the food...homefries w/ vegan nacho cheese.What lies inside these gems? Pigs in a blanket of course! The Trock comes through as usual. Never a bad idea if you visit the twin cities and need some deliciousness. The afternoon involved going to the mall with nothing at all to speak of. Food before the show was in order. On to Evergreen for more delectable treats. Sesame chicken, pepperfried mock pork, and sweet n sour chicken. A mini vegan feast!A little glance at the full meal deal.
Yeah, turn away after the food fight that made us look like misbehaved children! Diet coke cans got chopsticked and sauced as well as certain persons arms...mine.
Now for the main reason for the trip...going to see Katatonia. The show was at the worst venue and they didn't play well. They played well enough for a dual decision to never travel to see them again. At least I got to meet a sweet new person who just happens to be giving you the finger. What's up Dean?
Eric decided to get his rock on just before we peaced out. He did a pretty good job of that shit. He also did a pretty nice job of putting us up and hooking us up with the usual deal on builder bars. Always appreciated.
Trying to make up for a few hours lost at that show, we ventured to the bowling alley. Puddy busted out some sweet form.
Rachel sipped on some diet coke.
Apparently diet coke is the fuel of champions (when you're bowling to get out of the basement). My alter ego took home the gold on this night.
Last day in MPLS starts off with breakfast at the Seward Cafe.
No wonder this dude has a shit eating grin on his face, he's making the sickest playlist of all time!
A mish mash of all kinds of vegan stuff turned out to be pretty tasty.
This is the kinda shit that ruins a perfectly good and relaxing breakfast.
We hollered at Jamba Juice after this and I just needed to say that it was pretty amazing. Maybe an american and tastier version of Booster Juice? Telling you about buying USA exclusive veggie treats and such would be kinda boring so we'll end it here with two very special goodbyes.
The king will return soon...trust me.

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