Friday, February 22, 2008

Lost Again

Another Thursday rolls around so it's time for delicious food and Lost. I did the late showing of Lost today since Sarde had to work late. Here we go...chickpea cutlets with onion sauce on top of my fave roasted potatoes along with baby spinach and greens and balsamic vinaigrette.Ah yeah...Carrot Cake!
It's time to go finish packing for my 2 week adventure. So sit tight since things are gonna be pretty quiet around here. Big things in 2 weeks though. BOOM. Get at me while I'm gone. take care. xB

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Attack of the Clones

A bunch of stuff all at once. I've been busy so this is my way of making up for lost time. On Tuesday Attack in Black was opening for Thrice and thanks to Fat Mat I was able to get in pour gratuit. They made the top ten of 2007 so I kinda had to see them again. I haven't seen them since we toured together and their sound has changed a little. The show started stupid early but at least I was able to enjoy a nice dinner with some chickpea fries included. No pics of that though. I caught the last half of the set. They were good and I was glad I got to see them. I like them on record a bit more though. There was a bunch of people at the show so it was nice to just hang out a bunch. Scott Wade clone sighting! He's kind of a ghost...
When you volunteer sometimes you see lots of pens.
Hey internet...
The new Vday tradition started this year apparently. It was kind of an international thing. Four kinds of "wings". Tropical Sex, Maple Chipotle, Sweet Chili and Sweet and Sticky. No fancy pics just deliciousness.
That was accompanied by some quinoa topped with mushroom sauce and black eyed pea and quinoa croquettes.
That was all followed by Lost. The Vday crew. TIFS...OMGz!
I went home for the weekend to visit with family since I haven't had the chance to do so lately. It was a nice weekend, relaxing and got to see all kinds of good people and eat all kinds of good food. In case you're wondering the kitties are doin good but they were hiding since it was a little bit cold.
The weather on the drive back tried to stop me...c'mon buddy.
Airport tonight to pick up my little girl then who knows what's gonna happen? One more busy week then it's two weeks of adventure! Take luck.

Monday, February 11, 2008

The Weekend

I'm gonna start this off today with an open letter to the blizzard that closed the highways on Saturday morning.

Hi Blizzard,

Thanks for ruining my road trip to a goodbye party in MPLS.

Love Cory

ps. fuck you

Now, that is out of the way and onto what happened this weekend. I just chilled out since the end of the month is gonna be crazy. Saturday was relaxed and cold. Sunday I felt like cooking so it was brunch time. DPG was too cool for school so it was just Tyson, Tracy and myself. Pumpkin waffles, banana creme pancakes, tempeh bacon and herb roasted potatoes (not pictured due to them vanishing first).
The celestial cream on the waffles and creamy and buttery and delicious. Like the magic you put on cinnamon buns kinda. Also...there is the gas station OJ that Tracy picked up!
The waffles turned out so good that they get some extra love. This was like eating a pumpkin pie for breakfast. Give thanks! Coconut dream cupcakes for dessert!
Don't nobody, nobody fuck with my kitchen!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thursdays are now good.

Braulio is leaving for Alabama for three months and Lost is back on...why not have some friends over? What better than food to make it a near perfect evening? We'll start off by showin you the cashew ginger tofu
Served on cinnamon lime quinoa with apricots and almonds. It's an ancient grain that is packed with protein and has a full compliment of essential amino acids making it a complete food. That's a good look right there.
A little bit of swiss chard on the side.
Jars and Braulio gettin their eat on. Have a safe trip Bro! This is the crew that stayed around to watch Lost after the meal. Sarde is bouncin on her one week trip on have a safe trip as well!
I got a valentine today! It's kinda on top of what keeps me occupied at work.
What should shape up to be a sweet weekend is approaching quickly. Have a good one and make yours happen. BOOM.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Food Drunk.

It was a pretty big weekend for sports n such. Brock Lesnar making his UFC debut and the Super Bowl. What better way to celebrate these happenings than with some delicious food. I was too late and hungry to make anyting happen on fight night so we'll just pick up on Super Bowl Sunday. This is how you know the party has begun.
Maple Chipotle and Tropical Sex vegan "wings". Tasty treats that are actually good for ya!
The gauntlet of chips for the what if some of them weren't even available to the public yet?
A little bit of real food now...chickpea cutlets with lemon dill sauce
and sweet potato fries. This was kind of a beepsxchill collabo since I helped make the magic happen.
Dessert does not get much better than mint chocolate cupcakes. Two days in a row I was food drunk, it was kind of out of control. Lots of the stuff was repeated the night before except for some of the best guac I have ever made. All in all a very good weekend for food. Mac was pretty upset about the officiating and the outcome of the Brock Lesnar fight as well as the super bowl.
can you blame him? Saturday night was a Sal's hangout that looked like it was gonna turn into a fight...luckily it didn't. It was more of a happy bday Braulio kinda thing ya know. Also happy bday to my baba who turned 80. Time for some rest and cool weekend comin up. Peace.