Friday, August 24, 2007

Don't Argue With Fate

Today I just happened to be in the right place at the right time to see some stuff that amused me. In my neverending quest to rehab my hip and get back to being healthy I have been going for a couple walks a day. On my journey I came across a little bit of concrete art but I couldn't tell what it said until I got up close. I'm just glad that kids know what's up these days. Also, the ability to spell is a lost artform.Just before going into Pyramid Falafel to get a delicious meal Fat Mat and I were fortunate enough to run into the devil. Here she is waving goodbye to some people and telling them that she can say whatever she wants. Thanks to Fat Mat I was able to get a picture of Marielle's grandma as she walked by.


Saturday's main attraction was the first annual BroBQ. I was a little busy eating delicious food off the BBQ and chillin out hard to capture this glorious event on digital film. Some of the highlights are as follows. Coming all the way from San Diego to get your Stella Artois solo mission on...maybe I'll do the same thing when I go there! Whether it be gettin your BBQ on or playin some gotta look good.
Time for some old fashioned action shots. Randy "I want more" Strong in fine form.
Boiler was basically the MVP of the game, hittin the ball, catchin everything that came to hime (while holding a bottle). It's also hard to argue with the guy. A double shot of Rich never hurt anyone. That's real. Finally, the MVP of errors for the day. He's down with Screeching Weasel so it doesn't really matter how many errors he committed unless he's looking to further his softball career.I also hear that the same kinda deal is happening this saturday for whoever is interested. BBQs and sports just go hand in hand, so step it up. The next morning a superbrunch went down sans pictures. Let's just say that you missed out on a vegan masterpiece consisting of french toast, waffles, veggie bacon and tofu scrambler sandwiches, hashbrowns and fresh fruit (pineapple, strawberries and wild blueberries) unless you were one of the seven lucky people there. Next time.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Watch out for bears in the summer. I nearly lost my daughter to one at the forks oddly enough.

Latest Bday Celebration Ever!

A certain little guy, Cam's kid Daniel, had his fourth birthday at the beginning of august and there was a delicious little meal with some people that did not get captured on film. The present that I got him from NYC was a kid's fitted hat but he just ain't feelin it so I guess it was a failure. What better to way to make up for a failure like that then to go back to one of his favorite restaurants? Here is one big happy international family?
The babysitter and the special little guy. The originator of Daniel usin the term "gangsta gangsta". This kid picks up on phrases so fast! I saw Dom at another table and told her to shut her face and everyone at our table was promptly told to shut their face by a very young man. Humorous but probably not the best thing for him to say.
This man will cook you a fantastic meal everytime you dine at Spring Roll. srsly.
Drunk dad passin on knowledge to the next generation..."spring roll, fortune cookies...listen here..." Then, out of nowhere, a couple Alkaline Trio fans showed up and got some take out.
Make us put our two arms up...TOUCHDOWN! STEGALL! What can I say, the kid loves football. Also, apparently seagulls play football silly!
Shit got a little next level after that and the aftermath was quite a few empty plates.
Until next time...sorry about the delay for anyone that lost sleep over the lack of posting.
In the meantime do yourself a favor and check out the Styles of Beyond Razor Tag mixtape hosted by Green Lantern, shit is tight. Also start listening to Reign Supreme cuz you can't run from the truth. Everytime you try you'll fucking fail. I've also gone a movie watching spree over the last week so my recommendations for just plain old good movies are Bourne Ultimatum, Rescue Dawn and Sunshine (these were all on a list thanks to the good people at get into that). Pure LOLz hits are Chuck and Larry and Superbad. TV shows that need you are Curb Your Enthusiasm, Carnivale and Arrested Development. That's it.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Love Affair Continues...

Here I am in the old west impatiently awaiting the arrival of Smoke Tyger...Sarde sometimes takes the best pics and is clearly itchin to do so for no apparent reason.
The Tyger took the stage and even had his little shaking apparatus to make everything sound better. I was unaware until this evening that he had a full band. This show was the death of the full band and I'd say that is for the better since he doesn't need anyone else restricting him or holding him back. He also donned the mask for this show to conceal his identity somewhat.
A little taste of what was coming later in his set...
Smoke Tyger stunned me when he picked up the guitar and left his keyboard behind. He was having trouble so his bass player (read bitch) helped him through. Be grateful you go to do that lowly bass player.
He then graced us with his multi-talented show and belted out some hits and then got his rock on.
This was a nice way to see him near end of the set...
Some of the most amazing things in life are unattainable...

Until next time.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Real Wednesday Night Hero

What better to do on a wednesday night than go to a hardcore show that one band decides not to play, another band doesn't really register on the radar, another band that you haven't heard of and another band that is gettin better with each jam. I rolled up and didn't recognize this character with a serious lack of facial hair and the ability to write! I decided to capture Streets of Rage on film since this could very well have been the last show they ever play. This pic could be worth a great deal in the near future.Not even close to being impressed...not even close.
On Our Side then graced us with their presence. They played a really emotional set and kids were feelin it, so they decided to display their emotion as well.

Andy is just really fuckin pissed that he isn't at karaoke...less than a week pal.
The Battlecat from Hamilton took the stage and brought hilarious faces this evening.

Matt "Mandatory Mosh" Holden
JARS is down with Da Cat!
The real suprise/highlight of the night was Smoke Tyger. He played more than once and had many guises and many supporters.

When Smoke Tyger plays...this kinda stuff happens. You really just can't help yourself.I would try to explain Smoke Tyger to you but I would fail miserably. You need to experience it. Friday night at the West End Cultural Center is when it goes down again. Get ready. Thank me now.

The Weekend Starts Tuesday!

I was rollin back into peg city on tuesday and I got a TM askin me if I wanted to hit up karaoke later that night. I was kinda not feelin it but decided to go since there might be some hilarity and I haven't really had the chance to hang out in forever. I met some people at the Norvilla way out in the boonies on Henderson. Let me paint you a little picture of the kind of establishment we were going into. Here is what adorned the ceiling of this magical place, how can you not be into that?
Here is the princess that hosts the evening and blesses the crowd with her angelic voice whenever she feels like it. I'm pretty sure I saw her signing a developmental deal from Sony when I was leaving.A not so very young man rockin sweat pants and doing a really passionate version of number of the beast. There is not much better than watching a man stand there and patiently wait for the solo to come to completion so he can belt it out on the mic again.This next couple did a duet...does anyone find it odd that the dude's name was Spook?The real evening started soon after this. JARS, carry on my wayward son! Intense solo mission.
A little pre game wingfest by the half of the main attraction...Card Sharkz. Card Sharkz took the stage and did a set of strictly hits consisting of Air Force Ones, Cowboy, and I'll Be Missing You. They took everyone on a rollercoaster ride, relaxing one minute then BOOM right to the ceiling the next!That pole has never been so lucky...well...maybe?
For his efforts Mr. Holden then got a little spankin from this relatively drunk babe. She then got her shit unknowingly grinded while trying to compete with Card Sharkz, payback is pretty dope sometimes.
JARS then got himself a partner and they are both looking like sweet dudes while getting their promiscuous girl and my humps on.They got some sick sing along action and quite a bit of love from the crowd. This happened just as the bartender rolled up holding a can of lucky lager and was asking if JARS and his boy brought it in or if Card Sharkz had anything to do with it. He then proceeded to say "if nobody fesses up to this, you are all gonna have to jizzet". A pretty hilarious way to end an evening filled with majesty. Tuesday, Norvilla, Card Sharkz tour kick off every week.