Thursday, August 9, 2007

Weekend with the relaxation.

I finally got to get away and spend some time with my family this last weekend. It didn't hurt that my parents just got a brand new BBQ! I basically BBQ'd everything, here is a little dessert creation. Grilled peaches with cinnamon, ice cream and fresh picked raspberries.
We had a family gathering BBQ deal on the weekend as well with tons of food and friends and fun and such. Highlight from that was a three man water balloon slingshot and parents yelling "CAR" as cars drove by and the kids would run to the sling and try to hit them as they passed by. Oh the corruptable innocence of children. I got to see the cat family as well that lives with my parents. This is Jordy and he is clearly pissed and will shred you if you don't play by his rules.
Now here are a few pics of Luca, Gabby and momma Phoebe. They kinda like relaxing in the cat only chair. I can't blame them.

When the little guys aren't relaxing they live in trees...Fucking up some brand new kicks from DQM with a BBQ sauce stain for 5 solid days of BBQs...clearly a worthwhile trade off.

These short posts are the way to go. Hope everyone who reads this is havin a good one. Get your BBQ game up while you still can. That's my only advice.


tara said...
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stillillmatic said...

I'm posting from an exploded computer! hahahahehehehahahahaaaaa