Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Latest Bday Celebration Ever!

A certain little guy, Cam's kid Daniel, had his fourth birthday at the beginning of august and there was a delicious little meal with some people that did not get captured on film. The present that I got him from NYC was a kid's fitted hat but he just ain't feelin it so I guess it was a failure. What better to way to make up for a failure like that then to go back to one of his favorite restaurants? Here is one big happy international family?
The babysitter and the special little guy. The originator of Daniel usin the term "gangsta gangsta". This kid picks up on phrases so fast! I saw Dom at another table and told her to shut her face and everyone at our table was promptly told to shut their face by a very young man. Humorous but probably not the best thing for him to say.
This man will cook you a fantastic meal everytime you dine at Spring Roll. srsly.
Drunk dad passin on knowledge to the next generation..."spring roll, fortune cookies...listen here..." Then, out of nowhere, a couple Alkaline Trio fans showed up and got some take out.
Make us put our two arms up...TOUCHDOWN! STEGALL! What can I say, the kid loves football. Also, apparently seagulls play football silly!
Shit got a little next level after that and the aftermath was quite a few empty plates.
Until next time...sorry about the delay for anyone that lost sleep over the lack of posting.
In the meantime do yourself a favor and check out the Styles of Beyond Razor Tag mixtape hosted by Green Lantern, shit is tight. Also start listening to Reign Supreme cuz you can't run from the truth. Everytime you try you'll fucking fail. I've also gone a movie watching spree over the last week so my recommendations for just plain old good movies are Bourne Ultimatum, Rescue Dawn and Sunshine (these were all on a list thanks to the good people at get into that). Pure LOLz hits are Chuck and Larry and Superbad. TV shows that need you are Curb Your Enthusiasm, Carnivale and Arrested Development. That's it.

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