Saturday, February 26, 2011


Baby Beast turned me onto this video in regards to my rant about the NBA slam dunk "contest".

This video makes me realize how unreal that dunk actually was as well as provides some new entertainment, read: classic onlooking smile.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

More Music

Apparently I just can't get enough of Odd Future and I saw this video today and instantly felt like reblogging it. It also just happens to be the two dudes that are on my favorite track from BLACKENEDWHITE. So...enjoy this video and then DL that record and proceed to enjoy that.

Now let me say that I don't listen to strictly hip hop as the last however many music related videos and songs posted tend to make you believe. Here is an example of a little jam that is also good...although it is merely an interlude off a great record and a promo vid for the homie Jay 5th.

I will get right back on the hip hop train now with some of my all time faves doin it up right and still being amazing/relevant to this day. So stoked on Rae's new record coming out next month and Ghost's record from last year was a surprise banger that let me know he isn't going anywhere. Could have done without Officer Ricky though, but sometimes ya gotta take the bad with the really really good.

Let us now finish it off with some Killa and Vado. Dipset all day!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Burn It Down

Things just happen to be moving along over here. Computer situation is getting right, some delicious meals have been eaten and some pictures have been taken. (un)fortunately today none of the above happened so I'm handing in my late pass on the release of Sims new record "Bad Time Zoo". I've always loved what this Doomtree MC had done in the past and this record is more of the same and then some. Entirely produced by Lazerbeak, amazing producer name, and doing the independent thing. Peep this vid and then show him some love.

A little secret, mildly bummed that I missed his record release show in MPLS on the weekend. Hopefully I'll be fortunate enough to see him in the near future though. More soon.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Brunch

Now that Sundays happen to be freed up, not sure if I'm glad or just waiting until they are just permanently booked for a portion of the year, I have some time to do such things as make brunch for friends. Oddly enough, that happened today. The recipients of the southwest scramble topped with cilantro lime cashew sour cream and served with guac and fresh fried tortillas aren't pictured, but rest assured that they enjoyed what you are looking at.One day I will recipe out this scramble since it is my go to savory brunch staple but I really just throw a bunch of stuff in and it always tastes great. This was the first time the cilantro lime cashew sour cream made an appearance with it and will not be the last.

On a completely unrelated side note, this right here is why I get enraged at the NBA slam dunk contest.

The last two years DeMar has gotten screwed due to the popularity contest when he had the best dunks. That one right there will go down as an all time great in my book. Mini rant concluded.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lazy Saturday

This could also be a combination of too much to do on a Saturday as well as actually getting some rest. Let's just say that the laziness is only in regards to this blog post. Here is Kanye's latest video of his phenomenal record, My Dark Twisted Fantasy, and it's for my tied for favorite song on said record. Beware of seizures and boobs.

Friday, February 18, 2011


Since I recently posted Tyler, The Creator's new video, I might as well follow suit and post their performance on Fallon from last night.

I can't lie, I was more than impressed for what you can do/get away with on network TV. This just makes me realize that I need to see OFWGKTA live very soon.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Goodnight Born Bad

Well the reason for all those beautiful faces from the last post is now upon us. Born Bad's last show happened on Sunday night and the show was at War On Music/The Death Trap and it's been a while since I have seen a show there and maybe even longer since I've taken pictures at a show. First off we got one of Winnipeg Hardcore's newest bands and that is Isolation. They played a great set, stoked to hear more from them.
So dissonant...
Along with some smiling faces.
The next performing artists were White Wash and there is a familiar face.
The second best sweater of the evening.
Now the reason that this evening was happening, a little send off for Born Bad in the fashion that only Winnipeg Hardcore can do. Again, great gloves.
Stevie Motherfuckin D!
A fitting way to end the evening.
Pretty much a great show all around and good times were had. Even the lengthy delays didn't put too much of a damper on it. Made for quite the late Sunday night and a sleepiness induced haze filled Monday. Goodnight Born Bad.

I was going to wait and use another post to do this but I don't feel like waiting and this way you'll get to bump it quicker. New Das Racist jam for your earholes. Enjoy.

Some People I Saw Last Night

Neighbor Friends.Spencer, just doin him.
Riley, in possibly the best hoodie of the night/all time.
Mike, with an amazing glove on.
The reason for the culmination of these faces soon to follow...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Last Minute Creations

Sometimes you have a potluck at work and don't know what to bring and other times you just plain don't want to be involved with them. I recently had one and was both of the latter statements. I decided however to try an idea out that clicked in my mind and use the people I work with as guinea pigs for said creation. The kinks aren't all worked out yet but it was a pretty good first try. Hopefully the final touch will be put on this soon and I'll even post a recipe so that you can go and get your hands dirty and make some delicious treats. What I made was chocolate orange cupcakes with cream cheese whipped cream cupcakes. I even put melted chocolate in the batter for that extra chocolatey taste.I felt like a little something more could be done to these so they then got dusted with cocoa powder for a little more of a chocolate touch and to cut through the zest of the citrus flavor.
I think one more try should have these where I want them to be. It will also give me another excuse to learn how to pipe icing better. That right there was my second time doing it if I'm not mistaken.

Now it just happens to be time to dust the old camera off and go take some pictures so hopefully tomorrow or the next day there should be some fun here.

Friday, February 11, 2011


I'm certain this has been reblogged about a million times today already but I obviously don't care. This shit is yonkers.This is the first track off Tyler The Creater's upcoming record Goblin and it marks the first record from OFWGKTA that won't be free but since they've dropped so much free music it shouldn't be a big problem to actually dish out a few bucks for one record. Mark your calendars since OFWGKTA is playing Jimmy Fallon on Feb 16th backed up by The Roots, should prove to be more than entertaining.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Weekend Expansion

To shed greater light on the last post, I present to you this post. I didn't take any pictures besides the single picture located in the last post at the Call*Response book launch. Luckily, the roomie came out and snapped more than a few. Very quick highlights here since you can just as easily click the link and show homie some love. Riley doin what he does best in Still Fighting and letting people know who is playing next by some silly, free shirt giving away, chance.
This right here is a rare occurrence but I'm making an exception since The ALX hasn't played in two and a half years.
All in all the night was really fun and a huge success and I'm glad I was a part of it.

Now onto Sunday, super bowl Sunday with very little sleep and always running behind in prep for the big dance. Things got kicked of with some cinnamon buns that were french toasted with my coconut milk and banana recipe. No need for syrup or margarine or jam or peanut butter on these when they came off the flat top. Just pure deliciousness.
That was followed up with a nice 6 layer dip. First layer was homemade refried beans topped with a jar of a fire roasted veggie nacho cheese sauce and then taco style ground round followed by some freshly made guac that was then topped with a jar of salsa and FINALLY finished off with some cashew sour cream. This was basically a meal in itself, an unreal meal in itself.
Lesson learned, make this in a wider dish as to not have to hire an excavation specialist to get down to the bottom layers. Oddly enough, it was my first time making a layered dip. The halftime treat didn't make it onto the camera but it was bacon cheeseburger pizza. I sauteed onions, cremini mushrooms and green peppers in worcestershire sauce and cooked them down till they were all nice and soft and then threw in the veggie ground and some locally made tofu bacon and cooked it all together. The pizza dough was rolled thin and then placed on the all too integral pizza pan and topped with pizza sauce, the ketchup on the burger if you will, and then the sautee mixture and topped with both mozza and cheddar Daiya cheese. Turned out so well, so at least you have the idea should you want to fool around with it. Now, onto dessert. Here we have lime coconut cupcakes topped with whipped cream with the essence of coconut.
What better than some homemade real vanilla bean, yeah the one from last post, ice cream to go with that cupcake? Not much!
One of the many treats that didn't get dipped into due to the over indulgence that happened throughout the day were chocolate dipped strawberry marshmallow hearts. They were a tasty treat...but better to be enjoyed when you're not already in the grips of a diabetic coma.
Lastly, Green and Yellow $$$ great game.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Here is pretty much the most important thing about last night and you'll never be able to get your hands on this.
This is what's in store for later today.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

This Is What I'm Saying For The Weekend

First Off, if you live in Winnipeg you need to go to at least one of the Call*Response book launch shows. There is obviously something for everyone when you look at all three shows. I may not attend them all...but I do know which one I'll be at for sure.
I hope this poster is right and has all the bands. haha

That takes care of Saturday and now on to Sunday. You should know by now that it is Super Bowl Sunday and that means an over indulgence on some delicious treats, some which cost an astronomical amount, and slight diabetic comas. There will also be glorious sports gambling taking place. Oh yeah, how silly of me, there is also a football game on! I am really excited to watch this game, not only because I have some cash riding on it, since both of these teams have been playing well with their starters in the lineup. I will say that it is Aaron Rodgers' time to shine and I'm rolling with the Pack this year. Feast your eyes on this warrior and then listen to Weezy's pick in this year's game.

Since I don't have anything amazing to post for Friday, I will make up for an omission in an earlier post.

*Mixtape Post Addendum*

Mishka Zombie Rave
I honestly have no idea why I like this mixtape. I never got huge into the whole witch house scene, but I did appreciate the unique niche it created and the over the top visuals that accompanied them. Oddly enough though, I find myself spinning this averagely regularly. Sometimes parts of it just pop up in my head and I have to listen. The whole darker aspect and the slowed down/dragged beats duped me here, but it seemed unlike many other witch house stuff that came out. I could be wrong or whatever but give it a spin as it is pretty dope.

Enjoy the weekend.

Gaze Upon The Future

In more ways than one...Saturday, it all falls into place.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's New Book Day!

This has been a little while and coming. Ever since I heard of the whole Call*Response project I was intrigued. I submitted a few photos to the project and was lucky enough to be selected as a participant in said project. From presales to teasers it all ends here with a contributors sneak peak at the book and a chance to leave with our very own copy. The fellows behind the project organized a little thank you evening for all of those participating and it was a nice touch and a good chance to relax and chat with some of the others that were involved. Here is the man, Nathan, himself standing in front of the setup with the books and the promo and the upcoming shows to support the launch of the book.
I must say...looking good! Yeah, that's the money on the table since he's already doing business.

I'm not going to pretend like I'm some fancy photographer and all that when these two gentlemen, disregard the center aka focal point of the pic, are in the building. Act natural.
As you can tell, Cam is just plain talking too fast to act natural, all the while engaging Jon in conversation who just happens to be so chill that he is forced to be natural. Go ahead and click the Call*Response link and order the book and then just look at what those two guys can do behind a camera.

To end this post I would just like to say that it is so amazing to see people come together on a project for a good cause and see it through and have a finished product in your hand that just looks completely amazing. Once again, unreal work done on this book, Do yourself a favor and check it out in person, you will not be disappointed.