Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Goodnight Born Bad

Well the reason for all those beautiful faces from the last post is now upon us. Born Bad's last show happened on Sunday night and the show was at War On Music/The Death Trap and it's been a while since I have seen a show there and maybe even longer since I've taken pictures at a show. First off we got one of Winnipeg Hardcore's newest bands and that is Isolation. They played a great set, stoked to hear more from them.
So dissonant...
Along with some smiling faces.
The next performing artists were White Wash and there is a familiar face.
The second best sweater of the evening.
Now the reason that this evening was happening, a little send off for Born Bad in the fashion that only Winnipeg Hardcore can do. Again, great gloves.
Stevie Motherfuckin D!
A fitting way to end the evening.
Pretty much a great show all around and good times were had. Even the lengthy delays didn't put too much of a damper on it. Made for quite the late Sunday night and a sleepiness induced haze filled Monday. Goodnight Born Bad.

I was going to wait and use another post to do this but I don't feel like waiting and this way you'll get to bump it quicker. New Das Racist jam for your earholes. Enjoy.

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