Sunday, February 13, 2011

Last Minute Creations

Sometimes you have a potluck at work and don't know what to bring and other times you just plain don't want to be involved with them. I recently had one and was both of the latter statements. I decided however to try an idea out that clicked in my mind and use the people I work with as guinea pigs for said creation. The kinks aren't all worked out yet but it was a pretty good first try. Hopefully the final touch will be put on this soon and I'll even post a recipe so that you can go and get your hands dirty and make some delicious treats. What I made was chocolate orange cupcakes with cream cheese whipped cream cupcakes. I even put melted chocolate in the batter for that extra chocolatey taste.I felt like a little something more could be done to these so they then got dusted with cocoa powder for a little more of a chocolate touch and to cut through the zest of the citrus flavor.
I think one more try should have these where I want them to be. It will also give me another excuse to learn how to pipe icing better. That right there was my second time doing it if I'm not mistaken.

Now it just happens to be time to dust the old camera off and go take some pictures so hopefully tomorrow or the next day there should be some fun here.

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