Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Weekend Expansion

To shed greater light on the last post, I present to you this post. I didn't take any pictures besides the single picture located in the last post at the Call*Response book launch. Luckily, the roomie came out and snapped more than a few. Very quick highlights here since you can just as easily click the link and show homie some love. Riley doin what he does best in Still Fighting and letting people know who is playing next by some silly, free shirt giving away, chance.
This right here is a rare occurrence but I'm making an exception since The ALX hasn't played in two and a half years.
All in all the night was really fun and a huge success and I'm glad I was a part of it.

Now onto Sunday, super bowl Sunday with very little sleep and always running behind in prep for the big dance. Things got kicked of with some cinnamon buns that were french toasted with my coconut milk and banana recipe. No need for syrup or margarine or jam or peanut butter on these when they came off the flat top. Just pure deliciousness.
That was followed up with a nice 6 layer dip. First layer was homemade refried beans topped with a jar of a fire roasted veggie nacho cheese sauce and then taco style ground round followed by some freshly made guac that was then topped with a jar of salsa and FINALLY finished off with some cashew sour cream. This was basically a meal in itself, an unreal meal in itself.
Lesson learned, make this in a wider dish as to not have to hire an excavation specialist to get down to the bottom layers. Oddly enough, it was my first time making a layered dip. The halftime treat didn't make it onto the camera but it was bacon cheeseburger pizza. I sauteed onions, cremini mushrooms and green peppers in worcestershire sauce and cooked them down till they were all nice and soft and then threw in the veggie ground and some locally made tofu bacon and cooked it all together. The pizza dough was rolled thin and then placed on the all too integral pizza pan and topped with pizza sauce, the ketchup on the burger if you will, and then the sautee mixture and topped with both mozza and cheddar Daiya cheese. Turned out so well, so at least you have the idea should you want to fool around with it. Now, onto dessert. Here we have lime coconut cupcakes topped with whipped cream with the essence of coconut.
What better than some homemade real vanilla bean, yeah the one from last post, ice cream to go with that cupcake? Not much!
One of the many treats that didn't get dipped into due to the over indulgence that happened throughout the day were chocolate dipped strawberry marshmallow hearts. They were a tasty treat...but better to be enjoyed when you're not already in the grips of a diabetic coma.
Lastly, Green and Yellow $$$ great game.

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