Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Return of the Mac

On Monday January 21st Mac Johnson Pudavick was born! I was too sick to go see him for fear of givin the little guy what I had. It was almost a week late...but here he is!BOOM! TIFS most infamous face with TIFS most infamous son.Oh fuck...it's SkyGarry!You can't imagine how stoked I was to see and hold the little guy...and I mean little.How cute is this guy?Mama in training?One big happy family.
A gentleman and a scholar.
The rest of the family...they still need love! Hi Ripley.Tomkins...get out of my mouth!!!
I have yet to get around to pickin something up for my little nephew. In the meantime I made food for Puddy and Chill. Hey, I'm sure having a new bundle of joy can be a bit of work so why not relax and eat good? Lasagna, vegan and soy free I might add,and garlic toast.A little top shot for cupcake perspective.Raspberry jelly donut cupcakes and caramel apple spice cupcakes.That's it for now. This has been the most anticipated post in the history of TIFS and I've been waiting for it to happen for months and months and here it is. I hope you enjoyed it. This was a pretty big part of the perfect day I was talkin about and how could it not be. I'm currently rambling on...but you know...this is kind of a big deal. I wish the new family nothing but the best and if you know them and just found out because of this post say what's up to them and get Mac something. srsly.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Happy Bday Mom!!!

Every near perfect day has to start somewhere. Saturday was that day, and coincidentally my mom's bday, and the beginning of it gets a post dedicated to it that will come soon. After that magic I went to go see Blue Rodeo at the MTS Center. I love this band, so get used to it and enjoy it. They started off playin acoustic and the drummer stood using only a snare and brushes. A nice touch for a big venue. It worked well. Here they are, Jim and Greg.
A little close up action of Greg Keelor.
The set opened up and they pulled out the electric guitars and the full drum kit.
They played basically all the classics and just a good assortment of songs. Well worth my time. They also graced me with my new favorite song Mystic River and for that I thank them...except for when Jim messed up the first chorus...but what can you do?
Jim Cuddy can still rock.
Just a point, the fact that Jim is still down after all these years...amazing.
When that show was done it was home time and chill out for a bit before the real party started. Rolled up to the pyramid at 1 to see no line up and found out it was bday central up in there. Happy bday girl!
A couple of bday babes You know the night is going well when you're greeted like this. BEEPS!!!!
YEEAAAHH!!Yeah it was a 90's party.
What's up Smitty?
There was some total random dancin her ass off by herself on the stairs...Mel and her friend Julianne (I think) joined her...
Allie and Tyson took over... Then Allie moved over to Nate's robodanceparty.
The new dance crew then busted out their classic.
Oh it was sweet.
Stick up kid.
The random dude that decided to chill by the stairs before he was showered with broken glass by Vandal...then he asked him for a pen.I'm having a little trouble seeing...
What is that?
"what the fuck are you doing, don't smash bottles in here!"..."I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M DOING!!!" That was basically the end of the night. Great music, great friends. The perfect end to a perfect day. Stay tuned. xB

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Fond Memories

In November we had the pleasure of going out with Daggermouth and it was just an amazing time. Nick and I would go get bucks before every show and it just became our thing. I got this pic from him today in my email. A nice little reminder. Now go listen to them. Sit tight, more good stuff coming.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Slow Down

So this was the big weekend in between my mom and dad's birthdays. I had stuff to do on both of their respective days so I thought I would kill two birds with one stone and go home in between and make them a nice meal. Luckily I got a pretty serious case of the flu which kicked my ass. I was still able to make them a nice meal. It started with a little caesar salad followed by lasagna and garlic bread. My parents didn't even mind that it was vegan.
Dessert was raspberry chocolate blackout cake. Surprisingly enough, not very sweet, but still really good.
What is this right here?
It was my mom's bday gift! Thanks again to Brooke for doin it up for me on such short notice. Click her name in my links...just go do it.
I'm still stupidly sick but it was a relaxing weekend. 18-0 are the pats with only one more win in the season to go. I'm going to close this off by saying congrats to Puddy and Chill on their baby boy born Monday night. Exclusive post to come when I'm no longer sick.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Familiar faces

Sometimes you get a random TM and you aren't sure who it is since they changed their number...then it turns out that it's someone awesome and they're gonna be in peg city. Why not have some sweet hang out time. For starters, I can guarantee that Nate is better than you at guitar hero.
Nate, Justin, Jess, Dan Don and myself went and got some food and just chilled out and talked about somebody's hot mom.
Dan Don is chillin here for a bit so I'll get to see his face again before he jets for tour again. Nate on the other hand was packed and ready to go to Edmonton. Justin was nice enough to come and help bro. Have a safe trip dudes.