Monday, January 7, 2008

Party with wings

So like I may have eluded a bit ago...I got the itch to be in the kitchen again. Here are some vegan tropical sex wings. I made the sauce I made up a name. Delicious.
Those were wildcard weekend treats. Some pretty good football was played on Saturday. After was off to Sarde's place where the party was supposed to be goin down. Jspoons was there and he wasn't playin around. Some new jewels. The body got moshed...
Then Xxxacto got MOSHED!
Hey Nate...LOL Meesta Strang
Oh hi Tully.
Bitch I wish you would!
You gotsta pay the price!
Party bros!
This questionable activity dude was fucked up...
then he got FUCKED UP by Mr. O'Bryan. This was just before he burned the fucking house down.
Goose has arrived!
Two words...BLOG ME
Sometimes if you shall receive...when it's in my fave format. Here's Winchie with a bro.
I think we need a closer look at dude's's pretty real.
A couple babes and GDFT hat dude.
Two times in three nights...this has gotta be a record. Brent and Sarde lookin good.
Matt Holden...and ONLY Matt in this pic!
This party was even DJ'd...dude wasn't even using MP3s!
Feel it. That's just how things are done here.
I think Mel is startin to like my camera...her friend did.
Yo these are totally gonna be blogged tomorrow!!! That's what a real party looks like.
Adrian has the second best blog face.
Yo what up Marky...its like dude jumped into the pic like three up from here. Cell phone out...that's how you know it's real.
Vandal blog...Bang Bang shred.
A pretty fun night even though I got there pretty late. Here's the reason the magic happened...Happy Bday Ruben!This is Amanda and I sayin you know what.
How many more updates til I got shit tight again?
That reminded me...go listen to One by Ghostface off Supreme Clientele.

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