Sunday, June 28, 2009

Boston Brunch

I'll be the first to admit that it took me a week to get this up and that the title is a little misleading. I didn't have brunch in Boston. I had this Sarde scramble for brunch with someone from Boston.Isn't this just so cute?Now take some time and listen to DJ Premier's tribute to MJ. One of the best doin it up for the best.

Friday, June 26, 2009


If I'm not mistaken this is the first skate video shot in full HD and Nike SB is just letting you watch or download it for free.
Sounds like a pretty perfect idea to me.

The King

RIP MJ. The king of pop is no longer with us and he will be missed. Search anywhere and realize that he was bigger than the internet, that is saying quite a bit.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Omelet Brunch?

I recently got Vegan Brunch and wanted to try a recipe out. I picked up some asparagus from the farmer's market on the weekend and had some cheddar Teese in the fridge and they both sounded like good fillings for an omelet. A little left over sweet potato with maple dijon glaze on the grill pan and brunch was served.
Surpisingly easy and tasted pretty darn good too!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Garage Sale Score

I have had a fiend for farmer's markets and garage sales lately. Even though it's pretty slim vegetable pickins around these parts still, but that will change soon! My garage sale scores were pretty slim since I was only able to spend a whopping fifty cents at the last sale I went to but I procured these two gems.
I have been sleeping on last weeks scores but will represent them to the fullest in the very near future.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

BlackBerry Dogs

Sometimes life happens and all you have is the BB around to take a pic and that pic just happens to be this.
A little late night veggie dog with hot peppers, salsa, cucumbers and all dressed chips. DIY son! Don't forget the fries, ever. Not pictured is the pic a pop. This could be a new late night snack for this guy right here since it is ever so tempting and on the way home. A blessing and a curse.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Disposable MPLS

Before my most recent trip south of the border I found a disposable camera while cleaning out my car and decided that this trip would be strictly film. The classic stop in Grand Forks.
A little Arnold Palmer to make the trip go by nicer.
Next stop Alexandria to find a mountain dew on a urinal. Why was it there?
Three glorious drinks that haven't made it to Canada yet. Maybe it's because one of them has cocaine?
Mmmm, guess which one Lex is drinking!
Got to MPLS a little before the black metal ritual started so we hit some shops in Uptown. Never not working.
Then a quick stop by VS Social for a look at a bear skin rug behind a fuji x obey track bike. An odd combo I know. Forgive the glory of the age unknown disposable camera.
Could this be Vince at work with a PBR?
It was then time to hit Evergreen before taking in some black metal. Is that Lex getting his Kung Pao tofu on with mock beef lemongrass patiently waiting to be dined on?
Jerbrah and pepper fried mock pork?
Ty Guy behind sesame mock chicken(my fave)?
GHOST SIGHTING! Casey and Big showed up for a pleasant surprise.
Just some ruins spotted near the show.
Here is a good precursor to any good show, whether it is black metal or not, blood.
Ashdautus and Volahn shared many members but this is Ashdautus. My Volahn pic didn't turn out. It was a one and done kinda picture night.
Bone Awl displayed their primitive energy and got the tone off their records which was nice.
The best thing at the club that the show happened at.
Just some art.
Oh, a little end of the roll art.
Poorly lit vegan soft serve swirl cone.
End of the roll at Triple Rock where my Po Boy is about to get stolen alongside the best cherry coke I've ever had.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

TO Food Tour

Alright this is a bit late due to other posts and me bein on the move. Why am I starting off with an apology? That's what I'm currently wondering. Let's get down to business and look at Toronto through my stomach's eyes! First night I ended up hitting Green Earth Vegetarian on Broadview and made a mistake while ordering and ended up getting a delicious fresh spring roll.
If my memory serves me correctly this is the roast with some kind of sauce. It's been a while plus they don't have an online menu. Let's just put it this way, this was delicious!
My sweet tooth duped me into getting dessert and I was more than happy that I did. Banana coconut spring rolls with ice cream, whipped cream and a cherry on top?
On my way home after the meal I ran into Asher Roth.
Later that night I ended up at Sneeky Dee's and had to try out my competition! I've heard things about the vegan cupcakes and wanted to get a little taste for myself. I have no idea what flavor this one was though.
My gracious host and Deb. Maybe she was enticed by the cupcake?
The next day went out for a little lunch at Fresh and started off with the coconut tempeh as per usual. Hard to not get it really.
Had the pleasure of sharing this meal with Pat.
The magic tofu wrap was the main with the best sweet potato fries out there.
After walkin around for a bit I was about to take the streetcar home when I saw a character that I was sure I knew walking on the other side of the street. I was right and here he is in his natural environment. It's my homie Ed!
A trip to Sadie's Diner followed soon after. I lucked out and got treated to a BBQ plate. If you put corn on the cob on a dish it is pretty much game over. When you grill that corn it just goes right to the next level. Not to mention the amazing drumsticks that are the main part of this plate. I really don't have enough good things to say about this meal.
After eating with Ben on my first day in TO we were waiting for the streetcar and he noticed the sign on a bakery behind us that mentioned vegan and gluten free baking. I hadn't heard of it and was very curious now. I went for a walk on my third day to find this bakery and see what it had to offer me. I found it and it has a name, LPK's Culinary Groove, and I was more than happy with the selection. The thing that blew me away the most was the vegan pecan caramel tart. Truly divine.
After my little sinful snack it was back on the real meal train and off to Vegetarian Haven for a Friday night dinner. Started off with tofu drumsticks. Unreal.
Our server commanded us to not forget about chewing on the sugarcane the drumstick came on. Dani complied.
A trio of frittatas was up next. Potato, sweet potato and taro. Simple and delicious.
Sizzling seitan steak with veggies and purple rice. It def makes people look your way anytime they see the hot plate coming and steam pouring off it.
This place is really about the dessert and strawberry rhubarb pie with ice cream is high on my list of best desserts ever. Veg Haven did it justice.
This might look like a normal milkshake but it's not. Think of a normal milkshake made with vanilla almond bark ice cream...then think of putting apple crumble cake inside said milkshake. It is something else! I'm just gonna mention the word vegan again since it might seem unreal that all of this stuff is. I know I was overwhelmed with all the choices I had.
SMITHFITS PARTY NIGHT...happened in between the last pic and the next pic. Brunch seems to prefer the weekends and luckily the weekend was upon me! Went to Get Real! Cafe and got possibly the best waffles I have ever had. I'll just let the picture do the talking for itself.
You only live once so why not have dessert after an amazing brunch? Vanilla bean cheesecake? YES! Once again, could possibly be the best cheesecake I have ever had. I was blown away by Get Real! so go try it if you have the chance.
A couple little dudes just chillin on my walk home.
A normal streetcar journey to Cafe 668
Where I had one of the best eggplant dishes of my entire life. Deep fried eggplant with homemade coconut curry sauce. The picture doesn't do this dish any justice, just rely on my sense of great food. Thanks.
T&B, art.
Dessert again? Deep fried banana with coconut cream and peanuts? Well yeah, it was fantastic.
After this we headed to Elaine's bday party. It's a little late on here but happy bday and glad I was there to partake. Next morning it was right back to the brunch game. Fressen was the spot that was hit and it was a little classier than all of the previous joints. Started off with some fresh OJ in a glass with a straw too short for it.
First up is the tofu scramble, which was the first time I have tried a diced scramble, with tempeh bacon, potatoes and toast served with salsa, guac and a mango sauce.
Mmmm sweet corn fritters served with all the suspects from the last dish. Corn always wins and can't lose when it is combined with sweet potato.
The french toast was next and it was one of the better ones I have had. It was served on stewed fruit with maple syrup. The fruit adds so much to the dish.
Insert Blue Jays game here. That night Billy and I ventured back to Fressen for dinner. He told me it had to be done, so we did it. The light was not very picture friendly but I struggled through as I don't like taking food pics with a flash. I am asking your forgiveness in advance. First off is the tempeh fish with cucumber tahini tartar sauce. A delectable entree.
Next up was shiitake and crimini mushrooms with spinach in a cashew cream wrapped in a phyllo pastry puff. I can't recall the sauces it was laying in but this was pretty much my favorite dish of the whole trip.
The art filter worked nicely for Billy, but not so much for the food.
This one made the cut because it had the best cooked quinoa I have had. It was topped with asparagus and a miso hemp butter. It was nice to have a whole meal of well presented dishes, not something I am overly used to dining in Winnipeg or Minneapolis.
The next morning I had an average brunch with these two gentlemen.
King's Cafe was the spot of my last meal in TO. I shared it with Ben after a nice little walk. The crispy soy fritters here are pretty much the vegan version of popcorn chicken, if you're into that, which is amazing!
The veggie duck with plum sauce turned out to be a winner of a dish plus it was served on cubed taro! The layered crispy bean curd is something I can't get around home so I relish the opportunity when it presents itself!
Steamed dumplings came when our meal was almost over but you gotta make time when they arrive. I have never been a huge dumpling fan, but I also haven't eaten them very often. These were really good and I might have to indulge more often.
There we have it. Hopefully this will give you something to shoot for if you ever visit TO. I had a great time while there and thanks to all my friends for hanging out and eating and putting up with my taking of food pics. Also word to all my new friends. See you all soon hopefully.