Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Disposable MPLS

Before my most recent trip south of the border I found a disposable camera while cleaning out my car and decided that this trip would be strictly film. The classic stop in Grand Forks.
A little Arnold Palmer to make the trip go by nicer.
Next stop Alexandria to find a mountain dew on a urinal. Why was it there?
Three glorious drinks that haven't made it to Canada yet. Maybe it's because one of them has cocaine?
Mmmm, guess which one Lex is drinking!
Got to MPLS a little before the black metal ritual started so we hit some shops in Uptown. Never not working.
Then a quick stop by VS Social for a look at a bear skin rug behind a fuji x obey track bike. An odd combo I know. Forgive the glory of the age unknown disposable camera.
Could this be Vince at work with a PBR?
It was then time to hit Evergreen before taking in some black metal. Is that Lex getting his Kung Pao tofu on with mock beef lemongrass patiently waiting to be dined on?
Jerbrah and pepper fried mock pork?
Ty Guy behind sesame mock chicken(my fave)?
GHOST SIGHTING! Casey and Big showed up for a pleasant surprise.
Just some ruins spotted near the show.
Here is a good precursor to any good show, whether it is black metal or not, blood.
Ashdautus and Volahn shared many members but this is Ashdautus. My Volahn pic didn't turn out. It was a one and done kinda picture night.
Bone Awl displayed their primitive energy and got the tone off their records which was nice.
The best thing at the club that the show happened at.
Just some art.
Oh, a little end of the roll art.
Poorly lit vegan soft serve swirl cone.
End of the roll at Triple Rock where my Po Boy is about to get stolen alongside the best cherry coke I've ever had.

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