Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Three Things Fit For A King

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Remember Me?

After a long weekend closure and a serious lack of agedashi tofu, it was time to grace Blufish once again. It certainly wasn't the same without Tracy there, but you can't win them all right? Anyone look familiar here?
Rare appearance.
Apparently we both work at clothing stores and get overcharged for food. Both corrected rapidly though. The view from inside Blufish.
Here it is, I could def eat this every single day of my life. Won't happen, but you can dream can't you?
My other sushi staples...inari and avocado rolls. Nice and simple and cost effective, not to mention delicious.
It is also just so nice and relaxing inside Blufish. Go hit it up and see for yourself. I think the agedashi tofu tour of Winnipeg will be continuing very soon and I'm stoked on it.


The makings of the greatest business card?
Just say yes.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Girls, Bikes and Cupcakes

It has been a while and I understand that. Long days in the sun make for one tired dude, as well as one pretty tanned dude. The day started off with some early morning finishing touches on cupcakes before unknowingly signing up to sacrifice my flesh for raspberries. I have never come across thorns so huge in a raspberry bush. The fruits of my labor were delicious so who am I to complain. Got back into town and kept on with a long ass day. Made a little stop for a delivery and a pick up. Here is the first peek at a new cupcake...cookies n creme.
After that it was off to Chicks Flip Out at the plaza. Met Trevor there. He was taking real pictures where I was I just taking pixel perfect joints.
This girl had pop. When she ollied the hip it blew my mind. She didn't quite make the 360 flip here, but at least she was doin something big.
This girl won the best trick competition with a switch frontside flip down four. Not too bad if you ask me. Nollie kickflip here.
Esther's trick was my fave when they were bustin out the best tricks. She pulled a 5-0 on the ledge to fakie down the bank that was beside the 4 stair.
I was impressed by what those girls were doing. It was a good afternoon. After that went to see the protest at the funeral for the young man who was a victim on the greyhound not so long ago. There was nothing happening there and I'm glad. Those people that were going to protest were basically gonna waste everyone's time and most likely get a pretty severe beating. Got the call for a BBQ and was the grillmaster so I didn't have time to take any pics. Veggie burgers with grilled yams on them. Amazing. Thanks Trevor. All I need to do is at some grilled red onion and some vegenaise and that would be perfection, or at least close to it! The skate comp after party was downtown so I hit that for a while, but once again no pics. A little house party celebrating Alicia and Jess's bdays was next on the menu. Had I known it was Jess's bday, maybe she would have gotten more than a mini cupcake. Ben has been asking and talking about my cupcakes etc for quite some time. Today he finally got to indulge. This is the face and the sound that you would think this face make are how he describes the cupcakes from the top of this post.
"Best cupcake I ever had" direct quote. A little wavy, but it still counts!
Call more dudes with bikes.
"What is that, does my elbow smell funny?"
Double decker, slightly demonic/dangerous.
Triple decker! Party x 2 + Polite Smile x 1 and maybe no pants x 1?
Jess and Party Dave! This is the kinda stuff she is gonna miss out on when she moves to Vancouver in a couple days. Safe trip and have fun out there.
Someone stole the keyboard just before I took this.
Bounced from that party to watch UFC late night. It was an amazing card and GSP is still amazing. Brock is going to be a beast. Fresh raspberry milkshakes are amazing. Mini cookies n creme cupcakes brought it. Lime dill and Apricot BBQ vegan wings were so good. The perfect snack stack for fight night. I was pretty glad to get my ass to bed when I did.

Monday, August 4, 2008


Another cupcake recipe was locked up this week. I was kinda stoked on it. I also found a little addition to it in my travels, vanilla sugar but super coarse! Well here it is, the banana butterscotch joints. Vanilla cupcake with real banana pudding inside and topped with butterscotch buttercream frosting. Just before serving hit it with that coarse vanilla sugar. All kinds of dope flavors and textures.
Oh my, Tracy in her working girl uniform has the chocolate cake version of the same cupcake! Look close for Sarde's punk finger as well.
Caught up. Terror, Trapped Under Ice and Evergreen Terrace tonight at The Albert. Stoked. Peace.

Please Understand, This Isn't Just Goodbye

It's just my last week of lunches before I have to go back to work. There would have been more but sometimes people sleep in and ghost on you! ha. The first in this series is the Captain's Pizza at The Albert. It has glorious stuff like caramelized onions, artichoke hearts, veggie chicken, pesto and vegan cheese on it. Well done Soupy. It kinda bums me out that I will in no way shape or form be able to hit this place for lunch for the next 8-10 months.
Rich did not think one was enough for him. It's pretty obvious that Tracy and I helped him finish it.
Next up is a nice day for Pyramid Falafel.
The usual suspects, not shown, were down for this glory. Fatty and Soupy eating in The Albert dining room on out of house specials! ha. Well here it is yet again, the best falafel in the world.
The veggie samosa is nothing to scoff at either. A nice change from the east indian one I'm so used to.
Last and certainly the farthest from least as humanly possible is the DV lunch special. They were closed for basically the whole month of July which put a pretty big damper on my ability to take advantage of my summer lunches. The best hot and sour soup, ever. Lunch is the time to get it. Always bang on.
I lucked out since it was my favorite lunch special on this day. Deep fried tofu w/ hot tomato. Not on the menu at dinnertime but I'm sure if you ask nicely they'll make it happen for you. I like it so much that it got two pics. BOOM.
That's the end of lunches for a long while. It was a nice way to put my summer holidays in the grave.

Happy Great Day!

I know this is a little late, but whatever ya know. This little dude was the life of the party one week ago. It wasn't his bday or anything but his mom loves him so much that it just happened to be great day. He got himself a nice piece of dessert and a song to go with it.
Also hearin him sing that Flo' Rida song, just amazing. That's all. Catch up in effect.