Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Remember Me?

After a long weekend closure and a serious lack of agedashi tofu, it was time to grace Blufish once again. It certainly wasn't the same without Tracy there, but you can't win them all right? Anyone look familiar here?
Rare appearance.
Apparently we both work at clothing stores and get overcharged for food. Both corrected rapidly though. The view from inside Blufish.
Here it is, I could def eat this every single day of my life. Won't happen, but you can dream can't you?
My other sushi staples...inari and avocado rolls. Nice and simple and cost effective, not to mention delicious.
It is also just so nice and relaxing inside Blufish. Go hit it up and see for yourself. I think the agedashi tofu tour of Winnipeg will be continuing very soon and I'm stoked on it.

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