Friday, June 27, 2008

Lunch and Treats!

Since DV is gonna be closed from July 1st to the 29th it was a good thing I got one last lunch special in this summer. Getting there right when it opens is glorious since I have the luxury of choosing the special that I want. I picked a classic from back in the days of Scott Wade residing in peg city. We'll start off with a little hot n sour soup.
Follow that up with the saucy lemongrass and deep fried tofu.
Then a delicious little spring roll. Best ever.
When I got home I found a package in the mail. Some treats from NZ! This pic is pretty self explanatory.
These little guys were pretty delicious and sweet. What more would you expect from fudge though?
It's a long weekend full of BBQs comin up. Hopefully your weekend is full of the same.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Top Two

How can a day that starts off like this be bad?
It was off to the Albert for lunch...a lunch fit for a king! Thanks for cookin up some delicious treats Soupy. Yeah, I said that a bit early but whatever. First off is the veggie burger. It is homemade by the man himself, fresh everyday. There is some fancy veganaise concoction on there as well as some avocado. The usual veggies make an appearance as well. A nice fresh locally made bun and you have a contender for best veggie burger in the city.
Next up is the vegan poutine. Fries, chickpea gravy and vegan cheese. If you order this, do yourself a favor and look at it for a while and admire and cherish the fact that you aren't burning yourself. FryGuy def burnt himself on more than one occasion.
Sarde enjoys the burger at an extra special price!
Oh well isn't that cute, TyGuy and Mel sharing some poutine.
This is basically the new spot for lunch if you are in and around downtown. Respectable prices and delicious food. After lunch was done, BiGuy and I enjoyed a very deliberate handshake. I bid these people adieu and it was onwards to watch the first semi final of Euro2008. Germany won and got a spot in the final but it was a stretch and I would go as far as saying they were outplayed a touch by Turkey...yes Turkey. Even though I didn't really care who won that game...I did care about the snack that was consumed during said game...
Here it is! Vegan white chocolate. Sinfully delicious. Chill and I put the smash on the whole bar. It's a rare treat to say the very least.
WTF is goin on outside?
Oh Ripley!
Tompkins was gettin tired from another hard day of chillin out.
These two adorable cats haven't shown themselves on here in a long time...but more importantly this little guy has been away too long. Here he is...Mac Johnson! Asleep.
A hulk-like wake up for the little dude.
No smiling today uncle boogles!
This little guy is getting bigger and bigger and if you hold him he'll walk up and down on top of you. I personally can't wait to hear the knowledge he drops when he starts talking. After fun with soccer and babies and cats was done it was off to the gym. After the gym there was some business to be taken care of. Out of control rhubarb bush.
Jim and I made quick work of that and I got a delicious ingredient to boot!
It was time for some food, so why not compare Soupy's vegan Albert burger to the North Star veggie burger? On the way there had the pleasure of running into this specimen. Yeah there were ghost horses airbrushed on the side of the car and horseshoes on the back. The traffic sign arrow was left in the picture to direct your attention in case you missed it and the red light was meant for the girl in the car...please stop.
The other contender for best veggie burger in the city. The North Star brings it every single time. Sriracha sauce being available is a glorious touch. The fries are always a great and a Jones cream soda really makes the meal. I would fuck with either of these on a regular basis. Don't ask me to choose my fave though.
And here is Robbie Tibbs enjoyin a shake from the North Star.
Ruiner is playin Thursday, at the Rocker which is the third floor of mondragon at 91 Albert Street. I have treats ready to rock for this show and I just plain can't wait to see Ruiner. If you read this and live in Winnipeg, come buy some cupcakes at the show! Also, Russia plays Spain in the second semi final of Euro2008. MOTHER RUSSIA!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Things In The House

This is druggie cat's brother Ikom. Windows fascinate him more than anything. Toasted coconut marshmallow, vegan of course, and a golden kiwi. That's a handful of deliciousness right there.
All kinds of fun tomorrow.

Mother Russia

So it's Euro2008 time and luckily I'm off work so that I can watch every single game. My team didn't make it this year and surprisingly enough both Russia and Turkey are in the final four teams playing for the championship. I know that Russia is no Ukraine...but it's the closest thing I have, so all aboard the train to mother Russia! The Russians both surprised and outplayed the Netherlands on Saturday and I know I'm a little late with the posting. My boy Roman Pavlyuchenko scored the first Russian goal and it was a beauty.
That was a beautiful sight.
Roman hoisting the flag and getting ready to take it to the next level against Spain, which should be a ridiculously good game.
In extra time, arguably the best Russian player Andrei Arshavin, scored the 3rd Russian goal to silence the crowd dressed in Orange. This is what this picture says to me "What's up now Les Oranges?"
Thursday, Russia vs Spain. I wanna see a Russian victory and have them take it all home. It would be the first time since the dissolving of the USSR. This means that soccer is almost done now, kinda sad but whatever. Enjoy the last few games. Picture source

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Exciting Brunch

I heard about a little spot in a slightly unsavoury part of town thanks to TyChaiGuy. The Black Sheep diner was the destination today. The only real vegan brunch option is the scrambler and they are only open for breakfast on the weekends. After an amazing night of air guitar viewing, a good brunch as def necessary. Oddly enough the three attendees all got the scrambler. Reasonably priced at $6.50. It came served on hashbrowns and with toast. The jam was pretty dope as well.You might recognize someone from last night...wearing the same shirt. The host of the air guitar comp also showed up for some brunch and she recognized everyone. Kinda funny.
Here he is, new camera in action. It's Nate
After this delicious brunch I almost got charged with intimidation on the street. Let's just say that blogging is dangerous.

Air Guitar?

Apparently air guitar competitions exist. You could have fooled me. There was even one last night in Winnipeg. I heard nothing but good things so I made my way down to the Albert to see some friends and hilarity aka the second night of this competition. Soupy did a Blood For Blood song...amazing.
Fat Mat did a little Razor (the night before was the 90210 theme song!)
The mosh was brought.
Now onto the top 3. Oddly enough the winner gets a trip to Toronto to compete in the nationals for a chance to get a trip to Finland to compete in the worlds. Fucked up. Onto 3rd place...All I can say is that the next two pics would have been a perfect match. Unfortunately they had nothing to do with each other.
There was a tie for 2nd place. Drew brought it. I have never seen a man gyrate with the proficiency of this guy.
This is how you get the strummin hand in prime condition.
This girl was the other person in 2nd place...I guess she had a reason to be there.
And here he is...the man who will be representing Winnipeg/Manitoba at the nationals and maybe the worlds. He also knew how to use his assets!
We're gonna end off with the best collabo of the night.
If there was a team competition...hands down Soupy and Fat Mat would win the world. End of story.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

You Going To Die Young Tonight?

Another night of hardcore and baked goods was upon us Thursday. This is what made it's way to the show.
Here is the late made advertisement so that kids knew what was up.
Here is my spokesperson getting a little intimate with...
One of these guys right here. You gotta know the product you're selling right?
Double X Dave approves!
Super high dudes only boost sales for me. It's appreciated.
Adam Glover was at the show!
Withdrawal played after a couple bands that I can't recall the name of. It's feedin time bitches!
Die Young was on their final tour so it was nice to see them one last time. We had the pleasure of playin with them in Edmonton a couple years ago in a living room and it was one of the best shows of my life! Go see them if they are coming anywhere near you. Once again, Double X Dave approves.
I'm gonna go watch some air guitar competition soon and I think it should provide some LOLz. Thursday at the Rocker on Albert Street, third floor of the Mondragon building...Ruiner and some other bands. Be there.