Sunday, June 22, 2008

Air Guitar?

Apparently air guitar competitions exist. You could have fooled me. There was even one last night in Winnipeg. I heard nothing but good things so I made my way down to the Albert to see some friends and hilarity aka the second night of this competition. Soupy did a Blood For Blood song...amazing.
Fat Mat did a little Razor (the night before was the 90210 theme song!)
The mosh was brought.
Now onto the top 3. Oddly enough the winner gets a trip to Toronto to compete in the nationals for a chance to get a trip to Finland to compete in the worlds. Fucked up. Onto 3rd place...All I can say is that the next two pics would have been a perfect match. Unfortunately they had nothing to do with each other.
There was a tie for 2nd place. Drew brought it. I have never seen a man gyrate with the proficiency of this guy.
This is how you get the strummin hand in prime condition.
This girl was the other person in 2nd place...I guess she had a reason to be there.
And here he is...the man who will be representing Winnipeg/Manitoba at the nationals and maybe the worlds. He also knew how to use his assets!
We're gonna end off with the best collabo of the night.
If there was a team competition...hands down Soupy and Fat Mat would win the world. End of story.

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