Monday, June 2, 2008

Cupcake Maker

This is what was in store for a nice Sunday evening. If you weren't there...shame on you!
Earlier in the day I fixed myself up a nice little philly cheesesteak, vegan of course. I may have gone a little too hard with the vegenaise, but that happens sometimes. Anyone who knows what the most authentic ones taste like need to come and let me know if I'm on the right track.
This is what I will call a tasty prelude. Also, who wouldn't want to lick these?
My new gimmick, hocking deliciousness at shows. If you want to try some magic, get your ass out to a hardcore show.
There were a few cupcakes here today. A dozen lime w/ coconut whipped cream and a dozen cinnamon bun cupcakes. Click the pic.
Dude...they're all gone!
Funny that there was basically more cupcakes than merch sold at the show. Speaking of that...OH YEAH, there was a hardcore show happening here as well. Only pics of Grave Maker made it up here tonight. All the other bands ripped it though. It was good to see Bailey and Jon in town and the other dudes in GM.
Stay away from Jon's's a scary situation. Have you seen him in a pic not rockin it?
Sorry bros, no pics of Withdrawal. Some brotherly love at least.
So that's it for now, but here's the deal. Bring money for food to hardcore shows from now on. I'm comin strapped with deliciousness. Peace.

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