Saturday, June 14, 2008


Thursday was as good a day as any to make the voyage to Selkirk. You gotta know when to leave, and the brolex will never lie as to when it's time to rock.
What good is a road trip without some snacks? I got myself a vanilla 7UP and a certain someone got a little donut.
That donut got HULK SMASHED!
There was actually a reason to go to Selkirk...there was a show! Well a little less enthusiasm, but you know the drill. I sold treats again, this time it was apple raspberry crisp cupcakes and banana coconut choc chip muffins. I didn't end up selling everything this time, but I have acquired the services of an attractive spokesperson. Make sure you come to the CMU chapel on June 19th to see this and taste the deliciousness. She might even be dressed up like a cupcake. It happened to be Sleeping Tigers last show...some real members...some fill ins? Whatever right. It was entertaining to say the least.
The cat even made it's way out for a sing along!
On Our Side also graced the stage and the entertainment level went up a few notches as you can tell. This was just one of the many uses that deck found during the set.
This chair along with a small wooden box were tossed around mercilessly during the set. I was pretty much laughing the whole time.
Then the best part of their set happened.
The hometown heroes Scared Stiff played and they were dope. A sing along with a super angry old man in the back.
If I wasn't so shredded by the gym, there would be so much more exciting stuff in here...but don't worry, the summer is just starting.

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