Sunday, June 22, 2008

Exciting Brunch

I heard about a little spot in a slightly unsavoury part of town thanks to TyChaiGuy. The Black Sheep diner was the destination today. The only real vegan brunch option is the scrambler and they are only open for breakfast on the weekends. After an amazing night of air guitar viewing, a good brunch as def necessary. Oddly enough the three attendees all got the scrambler. Reasonably priced at $6.50. It came served on hashbrowns and with toast. The jam was pretty dope as well.You might recognize someone from last night...wearing the same shirt. The host of the air guitar comp also showed up for some brunch and she recognized everyone. Kinda funny.
Here he is, new camera in action. It's Nate
After this delicious brunch I almost got charged with intimidation on the street. Let's just say that blogging is dangerous.

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