Friday, June 27, 2008

Lunch and Treats!

Since DV is gonna be closed from July 1st to the 29th it was a good thing I got one last lunch special in this summer. Getting there right when it opens is glorious since I have the luxury of choosing the special that I want. I picked a classic from back in the days of Scott Wade residing in peg city. We'll start off with a little hot n sour soup.
Follow that up with the saucy lemongrass and deep fried tofu.
Then a delicious little spring roll. Best ever.
When I got home I found a package in the mail. Some treats from NZ! This pic is pretty self explanatory.
These little guys were pretty delicious and sweet. What more would you expect from fudge though?
It's a long weekend full of BBQs comin up. Hopefully your weekend is full of the same.

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