Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mother Russia

So it's Euro2008 time and luckily I'm off work so that I can watch every single game. My team didn't make it this year and surprisingly enough both Russia and Turkey are in the final four teams playing for the championship. I know that Russia is no Ukraine...but it's the closest thing I have, so all aboard the train to mother Russia! The Russians both surprised and outplayed the Netherlands on Saturday and I know I'm a little late with the posting. My boy Roman Pavlyuchenko scored the first Russian goal and it was a beauty.
That was a beautiful sight.
Roman hoisting the flag and getting ready to take it to the next level against Spain, which should be a ridiculously good game.
In extra time, arguably the best Russian player Andrei Arshavin, scored the 3rd Russian goal to silence the crowd dressed in Orange. This is what this picture says to me "What's up now Les Oranges?"
Thursday, Russia vs Spain. I wanna see a Russian victory and have them take it all home. It would be the first time since the dissolving of the USSR. This means that soccer is almost done now, kinda sad but whatever. Enjoy the last few games. Picture source

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