Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Before my good friends left for Regina/home...we decided that a Saturday morning brunch at The Falafel Place was in order. This will most likely be the last time I'm at the old location since the new place is openin up in a week or so. A good way to send it off. Party Dave and Tommy...might look familiar from last night.JUICY JUICE!!! Crusty is goin to school now kids!
I was fortunate enough to get someone to order the mickey mouse pancake. Party Dave stepped up to the plate and was not let down. Chocolate chips, hell yeah!
Vegan Heaven Breakfast, it certainly was. Falafel, hummus, hashbrowns with sweet potatoes and green peppers and onions and garlic and banana peppers. Lots of ands, but so worth it. The only thing not pictured is the homemade jam that adorned that rye toast. Ami brought us out 4 diff flavors. It was pretty glorious.
This marks the end of the big week for Sarde, hope you enjoyed it.
That's for everyone else. I'm tired.

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