Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I Wish I Could Think Of Something Cool For This Space Right Now

Well a little injury kept the last couple updates on the shelf a little longer than planned since sitting wasn't exactly what I wanted to be doing. It was quite the weekend of laying around hoping to heal. Now that I'm basically better, it was time to go out. Luckily there was a show tonight! What better way to start that off then getting a good meal with a good bro? India palace buffet is always a good look and a certain bromance starting to get their post on.
Rice, then samosas, then chickpea curry, then tamarind. That's success right there.
A rare sighting.
Still Fighting was the first band I saw this evening...when Dave's around it can't be bad. That's the that Nate in the background yet again?
Next up was Withdrawal and Adam was invoking the demon...much like Eli Porter...but not nearly as awesome as Eli Porter.
Joel then decided to play in the pit of fire...riffs was sizzlin!
Next up from Vancouver was Slingshot and Nate was crazy surprised! Oddly enough I asked them to play my favorite and they did. I had never heard it before...but the song was really good. It was called get real off their upcoming 7". Is it possible to get real if you're always real? Answer that!
Closing out the evening was Set Foot and this picture sums up their evil aura! They played a good set, but might have committed a party foul by covering two songs in one set. of those songs was Vocal Test...sometimes you gotta overlook and cut a few kids a break. They are a long way from home.
It was at this time that my camera died. No more pics for tonight. Other than a lack of vanilla coke it was a solid night filled with hilarity. Done.

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