Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Someone's Special Day

It was time for a little trip to Delicious Vegetarian since there were reservations made. It would have been appropriate to have booked the whole place as opposed to a mere 25...but that's not the point. My new jam there, spicy peanut noodle soup with deep fried tofu and some ladies looking impressed in the background.
There is Nate eating some soup, actually eating it. It's hot and sour soup...which is easily tied for best soup there. Who is in that small window made by his face and arm?
Friends from afar! Juicy Juice and Tommy came all the way from Regina for this occasion! Always a pleasure to see these dudes. They asked me to order for them...and there was 6 thumbs of approval. Nate assisted on this, but we made sure they dined on nothing but the best.
Dessert for all! Iced bananas. Had to be quick to get this shot...stuff was gone like whoa.
The very first recipient of delicious food courtesy of TIFS! Lucky dude.
Here is the reason all of this food and friendship were shared...HAPPY BDAY SARDE!!!
It's just art.

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