Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Free Trip

A girl I work with needed a ride to the airport in MPLS since she was flyin to ATL then Nicaragua. I'm not one to pass up a free trip to MPLS. We got to the land of excess...or babylon if you will. The big rockstar we have here is apparently not big enough.
What it looks like when you shotgun a rockstar triple shot. It was a through the night drive followed by a sleep in and then a late breakfast at the Triple Rock. Homefries with vegan nacho cheese and veggie sausage with an orange juice. That's my jam.
A little bit of runnin around during the day and pickin up some last minute things for Jess so she was ready for her trip. Bye bye...have fun on whatever island you spend your time on.
We dediced that the party started as soon as she was gone. Hit up a couple stores after the airport. Apparently me bein nice and wanting to get some friends a couple surprise gifts just weren't in the cards...maybe next time. Fifth element for some hip hop was next and I copped the new Doomtree record/mixtape and the Sims record. Both are pretty dope. Food was on the menu next. Evergreen was the place. I missed out on it last time due to being hurt and it was time to make up for that. Lemongrass mock beef.
Pepper fried mock pork.
Sesame mock chicken...this is kinda my fave. I wouldn't say it was a big deal that I ate all three dishes...trust. Lyndon got this fortune...good thing it didn't waste it's time with me.
Got to eat with people I don't see very much. Brooke (thanks a ton for the coasters, click her name in the links and support that!) and Dan. Dan brought the LOLz during dinner. srsly.
Nicole and her dude...I just met him that day so I have my reason for not remembering his name.
Eric, thanks again for the place to stay...I do have a key though, and Lyndon my trip bro.
After food was done, the actual party kinda started. Went to catch the end of the Pats game at Liquor Lyle's...no surprises there. 17-0. Two more to go. Got to see more people that I don't see often. Eric rockin two as Dorkelson torpedos in.
Jawsh rockin three
Lyndon's got four!
It was time to bounce out of there and go to the Bulldog...walking?
Some pretty serious bros were there.
Eric and Jawsh's skiin friend. Dude was crazy stoked on the night in general.
The eyes are crossed and it's the beginning of the end.
It was punk rock jukebox night...I'm certain we were the only ones doin this.
There were some pretty good lookin girls hangin out but they didn't make it on the camera for some reason...soon enough though. This is how you know the night is over.
This is how you know I was cooking breakfast.
Banana creme pancakes with "celestial cream" and some veggie bacon. Turned out awesome. This was basically the story of this trip for me. This was the story of TMs while on the road...not a good look.
Freedom =
This was near the end of the trip...how fitting?
Always in the driver seat.

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