Thursday, February 3, 2011

This Is What I'm Saying For The Weekend

First Off, if you live in Winnipeg you need to go to at least one of the Call*Response book launch shows. There is obviously something for everyone when you look at all three shows. I may not attend them all...but I do know which one I'll be at for sure.
I hope this poster is right and has all the bands. haha

That takes care of Saturday and now on to Sunday. You should know by now that it is Super Bowl Sunday and that means an over indulgence on some delicious treats, some which cost an astronomical amount, and slight diabetic comas. There will also be glorious sports gambling taking place. Oh yeah, how silly of me, there is also a football game on! I am really excited to watch this game, not only because I have some cash riding on it, since both of these teams have been playing well with their starters in the lineup. I will say that it is Aaron Rodgers' time to shine and I'm rolling with the Pack this year. Feast your eyes on this warrior and then listen to Weezy's pick in this year's game.

Since I don't have anything amazing to post for Friday, I will make up for an omission in an earlier post.

*Mixtape Post Addendum*

Mishka Zombie Rave
I honestly have no idea why I like this mixtape. I never got huge into the whole witch house scene, but I did appreciate the unique niche it created and the over the top visuals that accompanied them. Oddly enough though, I find myself spinning this averagely regularly. Sometimes parts of it just pop up in my head and I have to listen. The whole darker aspect and the slowed down/dragged beats duped me here, but it seemed unlike many other witch house stuff that came out. I could be wrong or whatever but give it a spin as it is pretty dope.

Enjoy the weekend.

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