Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thursdays are now good.

Braulio is leaving for Alabama for three months and Lost is back on...why not have some friends over? What better than food to make it a near perfect evening? We'll start off by showin you the cashew ginger tofu
Served on cinnamon lime quinoa with apricots and almonds. It's an ancient grain that is packed with protein and has a full compliment of essential amino acids making it a complete food. That's a good look right there.
A little bit of swiss chard on the side.
Jars and Braulio gettin their eat on. Have a safe trip Bro! This is the crew that stayed around to watch Lost after the meal. Sarde is bouncin on her one week trip on have a safe trip as well!
I got a valentine today! It's kinda on top of what keeps me occupied at work.
What should shape up to be a sweet weekend is approaching quickly. Have a good one and make yours happen. BOOM.

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