Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Comeback Kid DVD Premier

On Monday October 6th The Avenue hosted a private screening of the new Comeback Kid DVD "Through The Noise". The select few in attendance got a chance to see the film that was unlike any other band DVD I have ever seen. Instead of me talking about it, click the links and see it for yourself and then pick it up when it comes out and support some of my great friends. Here are some pictures from after the viewing. There is the DVD right there, you know what it looks like when you hit the store tomorrow.
Here is the man himself, congrats on a job well done Jim.
Jacqui loves to pose. I think this is as close to a Grace Like Winter reunion anyone is getting. ha.
Smallman and The Avenue, pardon the smudge.
Onto what the party really was, fun. Here is some.
Maybe a little more?
How bout the most?
Well...I thought it was the most.
You like playing cranium? Not against the Dream Team you don't.
All in all a great night. We'll let Rayter have the closing comments on this one.

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