Friday, October 31, 2008

Long Time Comin, VeganMoFo

Well sometimes your computer is under the weather and it takes however long to get it fixed, sometimes even longer when it's basically free. That is the main/only reason it's been so quiet around here. This is the first post done from a laptop and at the moment I'm not that into it. Just know that this will be a short update and more will be coming soon enough from a bunch of other things I have been up to. For right now, be sad that the North Star Drive In is closed for the season...
I def got my last night in town on. They were waiting for us and this is what it looks like when 6 veggie burgers are being made for a little pre fight meal.
They had a draw for the exact shirt that you just saw in that picture. Oddly enough I got a call on the Monday following this particular saturday night and I won a shirt, as did Nate. It was basically the perfect outcome. Also, not pictured here is the homemade vegan curry mayo treatment that these burgs got. Let's just say that they will be missed all winter long. Now onto the finale of the night of delicious food. Before that though, it's not pictured but I made this cheezy bean dip. It was my first soiree into the bean dip world and it turned out amazing so expect to see something on that in the near future, hopefully. Onto what actually got camera captured. This is what we will call a pina colada dream dessert. It's some coconut whipped cream, but made diff than I would for cupcakes so that it's stiffer with fresh pineapple folded in and coconut graham crust crumbled in the bottom and sprinkled on top.
I'm gonna get off here since it's late and I have the season 3 premier of 30 Rock to watch on tape, thanks Rachel. Check Sarde's blog in the near near future for a pic of Rachel's darling son. Also, since it's been a while why not mention some things I have been listening to? Here we go...I am still completely stoked on the new Blacklisted record and am excited to see them again in exactly one week at the Triple Rock as well as the accompanying road trip with some serious bros, expect some blog love. Also, for some reason I have been completely taken by a few songs off the new Norma Jean record. I couldn't tell you why, but I am. Lastly, in the running for my top record of the year is the new jam by The Foreign Exchange. I could listen to this record every day and not get tired of it. Well that'll be about it. Hopefully it was worth the wait for this little post. Soon enough I'll be back at it and hopefully numerous posts weekly abound. Hope everyone who reads this has been well.

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