Thursday, November 6, 2008

Weekend of Food

Alright, another late post but whatever. This post could also be a reason for my being late to work today. ha. Either way, when you get a call from the king to roll down to The Albert to get in on a saturday scramble you can't really say no. Who doesn't like good food? Put some salsa on it and you're laughin.
Here is Trevor being lucky that he called me when I was on my way to get said scramble.
The king can cook, end of story.
The following day I felt like doin a little bit of cooking myself so I picked the stuff up for the brunch sandwich that dreams are made of. Homemade tofu bacon, sweet potato hashbrowns and tofu scramble all on some nice toast. You can't tell me you don't want any.
Then it was time for a football related second breakfast. Banana hazelnut chocolate chunk pancakes. Let's just say that sunday was a good day.
Please don't forget about the second breakfast dessert...chocolate hazelnut cupcakes.
It certainly was a good weekend for food.


Random Act of Photography said...

yes,. the "king" can cook!

Alexander said...

The cupcake possibly looks like the best thing a human could ever ingest. Recipe? xBeepsx, get at me!