Saturday, November 22, 2008

Converse Cupcakes

So the Converse party from the last post went down last night. Bros, babes, no cover, free cupcakes and free booze were what happened. When a party starts like this, can it really go wrong? MGR baby! He's got 5 on it.
Now onto what we're really here for...cupcakes. Brandie getting down on a chai latte cupcake.
Martin and Vandal both enjoying the same thing. Martin was also bein touched by the hand of fire apparently. They are both chai guys as well. Cookies n creme were the hit of the night from what I hear though.
Let fire rain from the sky as the party starts.'s Erin and her head is on FIRE!
Firebreather. It didn't seem like there was that much fire at the party though...whatever.
Here is Chris Eff and a couple girls and Ruben lookin umimpressed.
Real photographers rock argyle and have the best knuckle tats. Yeah the other hand says HATE. Lazo and Nate agree.
The bar got a little wavy.
Party had to get restarted outside. We all know what's happening here. It was also the last red bull in the cooler.
What goes in, must come out. Identity concealed...kind of.
Brad...just modelling.
Oh snap, party part two has arrived.
Matt holding the last drink of the night. No surprise that the cupcake plates were empty.
Sup now Mateo?
Nikky and Nate in the shadows at the end of the night.
Big thanks to everyone that came out and everyone involved with Uncle Bob's for showin some love and havin me cupcater the event. Hopefully more stuff like this goes down sooner than later. Peace


Chris Eff said...

nicely done beeps.

Zach said...

kiss me and you are toast!