Friday, November 21, 2008

A Little Food To Keep You Interested

So the computer is back in the game, but I'm still crazy busy. Sometimes when you're busy you miss out on fun stuff like Marky's bday and the Color/Red Bull skate vid premier. That all changes now. Before new stuff, gotta catch up on some "old" stuff, well newer old stuff. Here is a little something something you can whip up to impress your friends. Grilled veggie chicken with a spicy mango ginger sauce served with grilled asparagus.
It sounds impressive and tastes impressive, but it's really easy to make. In a sauce pan, take one jalapeno and dice it small and sautee it in some olive oil. Then add some grated ginger and let that cook for like 15 seconds. Next add one ripe mango, that has been cut into small cubes. Cook this for a minute then add a nice splash of veggie stock and a little bit of soy sauce. If you don't like things to spicy add a touch of agave nectar to this. Cook this down until the mango breaks down and you have something that resembles a loose jam. Use this on your protein as you grill it. Serve it and then enjoy. Next dish, pretty easy and fairly healthy...vegan mac n cheeze with peppers and TVP and some panko crumbs for a little texture.
Well there were a couple things I had to eat in the last week. Stay tuned as I'm back at it. Peace.