Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Road Trips Are Fun...even if they are way late on the update.

Catch up time begins! A little while back, myself and a couple of my best friends voyaged to MPLS to see Blacklisted, Have Heart and some other band. We did a crazy all night drive to beat a storm. I know, I know, a great idea. Actually, it was since the roads were pretty much perfect 30 mins out of Winnipeg. I guess we made a great choice...other than pulling an all nighter and bein out of it the next day. What would a visit to Babylon be without hittin up Chipotle? It's quick and easy and pretty affordable. Here are those friends that I spent the whole weekend with.
Another USA classic for me is hittin caribou coffee. A little after breakfast/dinner late in the afternoon treat.
Sarde + Art.
After doin this and that in uptown we went to the Triple Rock to get some food and make sure we got a reasonable parking spot. It's nice seeing familiar faces when you go somewhere. In this case it was the Fargo bros...or Farbros if you will.
Something new to me was the vegan mac n cheese with a side of delicious garlic toast. It was alright, but not mind blowing...kinda like the picture in a dark room.
This is what the call a "half order" of a po boy. Do yourself a favor and go with half unless you really wanna step up to the plate. I almost put down two, so yeah, that's what's up.
Well isn't that something? Hardcore friendship anyone?
This is Dan, he was doin merch for Ceremony and got us into the show and hung out with us after and is just an all around good dude. Here he is attacking a po boy with little regard for his health. Thanks for the red bulls and the zine. This is also a good way to leave the Triple Rock.
*show pics to come soon* After the show we went to Pizza Luce in uptown and once again were blessed with some familiar faces. Dustin Holden, MGR, Spoonman and Dave Vanity were all in the house.
A big ol F YOU from Sarde to Nate and Jeremy.
Yeah, Jeremy is down. Thanks for the hangin out and everything bro.
Now, maybe the best way to return to the Triple Rock, the double decker breakfast courtesy of Vegan Eric. I've never seen it happen but he did it like it was no big deal. Pouring syrup on your crotch has got to be amazing...right? This is the hospitality king, house company whatever! Thanks again man.
We hit the mall next and it was ridiculous. Had to park across the street. Next, had to take off my hood while in the mall since I looked like a "bomber". Nothing good doin there. Onto better Evergreen. I love love love this place. Sarde's first visit and her first bite.
3 Cup Tofu...worth the money...true story. It was a new one for me and I'm glad I had it.
Vegan Eric got the pleasure of being fed by two glorious men. Nate and Jawsh made his day for sure.
Here is how we party on Saturday nights at Eric's place. Forgetting Sarah Marshall on the TV and a pint of vegan ice cream in hand.
These are also my new socks. Thanks Sarde. She was thoughtful of the fact that we left on what was to be my laundry night! haha There are also some other sweet things in this pic if you can spot them. The pumpkin spice silk soy milk in the carton, a seasonal delight! The vegan smore in the middle of the table and last but not least is what most of you prolly hit up on...crackberry!
They started it and they will end it. Elevator in the parking garage before going to some ever so cool techno party.
That's one thing out of the way now. Fun trips with fun friends. What's better? Tell me. Done.

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