Friday, October 10, 2008

OMGz its da Cancer Batz!!!

Alright alright alright, I know this is late but forgive me. Being sick does not make you want to be near a computer, not to mention computer problems in general. However, this will be the first part of my attempt to catch my blog life up to my real life. Just over a week ago the Cancer Bats played a couple shows here. The first night Port Amoral opened for them and even though I was late I was still able to capture Soupy shredding it.
After that, The Cancer Bats played and actually impressed me. I am also new to the taking pictures of bands thing so here are a few shots from the first show at The Albert which was 18+. Enjoy.
Awww, it's Jim and Trevor.
Now Jim and crazy neck dude?
Now bummmmmmmed out girl and crazy neck dude.
Tara def stole the words out of her mouth and put them in her finger.
It's Sarde and Mike! Not very often that friends who left come back so you gotta make the most of the time. This was the first of two nights in which that happened.
This is something that you can't have.
On to night #2. This time in a theater that has been transformed into a place for still plays some movies or video premiers or whatever. It's Nate!
The dude from 300 did a guest set for the Cancer Bats, nobody even noticed.
A good way to end a stay in Winnipeg.
Lots of fun happened after the show but it was a leave the camera at home kinda night post show. I still have like 3 more events on my camera as we speak but the glorious Thanksgiving weekend is upon me and I stay internet free for holidays when I go to visit my parents. Expect an onslaught of posts next week. I have some serious catching up to do.


Lindsay I-F said...

Yay! for the Cancer Bats!

Kevin said...

pics from on our sides last show?

Cape Fear said...

Dude! Bro! I erased my phone & lost all my contacts! Send me a text & then add me again on BBM: !