Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Let's start this off by sayin that when a new superbro comes to town, sharing a meal is the only real way to do things right. A Monday morning brunch plan was set in motion over a week ago and came to fruition quite nicely today. It all started off with Ben bringin me the hat he picked up for me in TO. That isn't necessary knowledge, but I love fitteds so what can I say? We got to The Falafel place and as per usual at brunch o'clock it was super busy. We got a table that was squeezed between two other tables that it felt like we were part of their meals! When a booth cleared out beside us, that we were about to take over, the woman beside us queried Ben on his glasses. Keep in mind that the lady was about 70. She asked Ben where he got his glasses. He told her that he got them at Lens Crafters and then offered them to her for a closer look and as he did this he said "they're Ray Bans". She then promptly responds "OH SHIT!!!" and goes in for a closer look. The title of this post now makes so much more sense delivered a few haha's and LOLz. Here is Ben enjoying a Canadian Falafel.
Nate's Cornucopia of brunch delights.
A short visit, but pleasant nonetheless. Hopefully another happens soon! Safe travels back to TO Ben.